Liasion Healthcare Aims to Help Speed Drugs, Medical Devices to market

The company offers a range of services to help pharmaceutical firms get drugs approved and on the market more quickly.

Liaison Healthcare, a global provider of secure cloud-based integration and data management services and solutions, announced today that four out of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the world1 leverage its integration and data management solutions for harmonizing clinical trial, supply chain and product use data. This significant customer base has helped position Liaison Healthcare as one of the leading integration as a service (IaaS) providers in the life sciences industry. 

The company’s cloud-based solutions help its clients manage large volumes of complex data in a flexible and scalable manner, so they can ultimately speed drug and medical device time-to-market. Achieving faster access to clinical trial and product use data is an essential component to supporting this goal. For example, flowing clinical data into a standardized format for analysis in clinical trials is not a simple process and standardizing the data for either large trials or for many trials simultaneously is often challenging. However, with cloud-based integration and data harmonization expertise and services, pharmaceutical companies can accomplish this cost-effectively, quickly and without relying heavily on internal resources. 

In addition to providing data integration services, Liaison Healthcare helps these companies harmonize critical data to make it meaningful and easier to analyze despite being from disparate sources and sometimes utilizing different terms and notations for the same information. With this two-fold approach, pharmaceutical companies can focus their resources on other key areas, such as research analytics, while still achieving faster time-to-market. 

“Our success with these leading pharmaceutical companies is a testament to the importance of being a pure-play company, as we continuously develop resources, expertise and technology internally so that when these organizations partner with us, they have access to a true one-stop shop,” said Gary Palgon, vice president, healthcare solutions, Liaison Healthcare. “By providing cloud-based data integration and harmonization services to some of the major players in the pharmaceutical space, we are able to help them manage information in a way that makes the data actionable and allows them to reach their go-to-market goals more quickly.” 

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About Liaison Healthcare 

Liaison Healthcare is a global integration, data harmonization and data management company, serving more than 600 customers in the healthcare industry. With customized solutions offered via a cloud-based platform, Liaison helps health systems, HIEs, pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies quickly secure meaningful use from a wide variety of health information. Through connecting healthcare entities and harmonizing complex and disparate data, Liaison assists in the improvement of the care coordination process, leading to increased overall efficiency and faster time-to-market. Headquartered in Atlanta, Liaison has offices in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

1 According to the Pharm Exec 50 
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