The Latest in Tubes

High-End Look
One provider of cosmetic packaging components and plastic tubes is offering a new and unique tube with a sophisticated, high-end, customized look for strong shelf-appeal. The 19-mm round tube features a luxury decoration effect called Crinkle Finish. Crinkle Finish is created through a special spray process in which the spray is colored and contains particles that are large in size, giving the product a dynamic, textured look. This product was recently used by a major lingerie/women’s clothing retailer as part of its personal care line of products. It was used for a holiday promotion lip gloss (shown at left) that served as a Gift with Purchase.
In addition, the company’s new Silver Oval Tube, with 100% hot-stamp effect, offers a high-end look to packages. The hot stamp covers the entire 50-mm tube from the entire shoulder, into the crimp and offers a metalized look to the cap to match the metal foil of the tube. The copy on the tube looks like it is printed, but is not. The text is actually knocked out so the actual tube is showing through to make/form the copy or lettering. No other beauty company does hot stamping over this large of an area with most other companies hot stamping up to 35 mm. The company has worked with three companies, including Halston, Scott Barnes, and Hard Candy, to bring this product to market. Additional opportunities for brands seeking a high-end look are available through this unique product offering. World Wide Packaging LLC, Florham Park, NJ; 973/992-4994;

Injection-Molded Tubes
One company introduces injection-molded tubes with in-mold label graphics. This revolutionary new manufacturing method combines unparalleled graphics with an environmentally friendly package that retains all the standard benefits of plastic tubes. With manufacturing in North America and Asia, these tubes are available with flexible sizes, quantities, and lead-times. Viva Healthcare Packaging Ltd., Toronto, ON, Canada; 416/321-0622;

Tube Filler
The OYSTAR IWK tube filler series solves production needs for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, or food industries. The TFS E series allows a wide range of optional systems to suit specific product needs. Metal, plastic or laminate, round, oval or conical, any tube within 10 to 52 mm diameter and 50 to 220 mm length can be processed. Fill volumes from 2 to 250 ml and up to three-color filling provide for maximum flexibility. Specialty seals of virtually any shape are possible with a seal height up to 48 mm and tube diameters up to 52 mm. This allows marketing departments to maximize shelf appeal. The tube filler’s revolutionary dosing system allows online cleaning in less than 5 minutes. This maximizes uptime and consequently OEE. Three models are available: the TFS 140 E, the TFS 180 E, and the TFS 220 E. The TFS 140 E runs at speeds of up to 140 tpm, the TFS 180 E runs at speeds up to 180 tpm, and the TFS 220 E runs at speeds up to 220. OYSTAR USA, Edison, NJ; 732/343-7600;

Nozzle-Tip Design
One company announces the addition of two new plastic squeeze tube nozzle-tip designs, specially created for medium- and small-sized pharmaceutical and skin-care dispensing needs. This new nozzle-tip tube design is available in a full range of custom PMS colors and can be decorated with new high-resolution digital offset printing; standard offset in up to eight colors; three color silkscreen; label applications; and custom hot-stamp foils. JSN Cosmetic Packaging, Irvine, CA; 949/458-0050;

Squeeze Tubes
A full-service supplier and distributor of glass and plastic containers, closures, pumps, and sprayers for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetic, personal care, food and beverage, and household and industrial industries introduces a full line of plastic squeeze tubes to complement its complete line of rigid containers and closures. The tubes are available in a wide range of sizes and colors with UV, matte, and gloss finishes and in transparent, metallic, and iridescent styles. They are made from high- and low-density polyethylene materials, including Soft Touch. Coextruded tubes contain barrier in the head and the sleeve. For customers who are interested in a greener product, postconsumer-regrind tubes are also available. A minimum order quantity of 25,000 is required. The tube heads come in a variety of orifices and have matching polypropylene caps, with dispensing features such as flip-tops and non-dispensing stand-ups. Tube size, orifice size, end-seal diameter and closure/head size specifications are available upon request. These tubes are ideal for topical skin care, hair care, medicinal/health, cake decorating, auto body fillers, polishes, tub and tile caulk, and many other household and industrial products. The company’s custom decorating division can assist in the creation of an outstanding tube line that commands attention on the shelf with options such as offset printing, silk screening, hot stamping, and labeling. O.BERK Company, Union, NJ; 800/631-7392;

Mini Squeeze Tubes
One cosmetics tube manufacturer has released three Mini Squeeze’n Tubes. The squeezable tubes are now available in mini sizes, enabling a highly precise and comfortable application of make up and skin care products. Three applicators can be mounted on elegant oval tubes, eight to 20 mL, whose ergonomic tips enhance the active ingredients. The products feature a patented open/close rotary head. The mini Squeeze’n Tint features a highly precise brush for any local application of liquid make up and skin care formula. The mini Squeeze’n Ball features an ergonomic roller applicator in stainless steel or ceramic, which produces a cooling massage effect and ensures a higher penetration of the formula. The mini Squeeze’n Spatula features a double-sided elastomer spatula. The flexible head reaches any area on the face, ensuring a perfect result. Cosmogen, Paris, France; Tel : +33 (1) 43 18 17 00;

Roll-On Tube

One company has developed a tube with an innovative Roll-Ball applicator built into the cap. The Roll-On Tube provides a smooth, direct, and controlled application of product through aluminium and plastic tubes as well as rigid aluminium cans. For patients and customers, the Roll-On Tube provides convenient and controlled-dosage direct application including a massage effect, no contamination of fingers, high evacuation rate, and various design options. For the product owner or contract filler, the Roll-On Tube provides easy handling and is ready assembled with a prefitted cap and ball, features usual filling and sealing like every standard tube, and is suitable for both high- and low-viscosity products. The Roll-On Tube is recommended for new products, line extensions, and reformulations of sensitive products. Linhardt GmbH, Viechtach, Germany; +49 9942 95 1-0;

Dual-Dose Package
One company has expanded its single-use packaging options with the addition of its DualDose Modified Blow-Fill-Seal package. The company’s DualDose system is designed to keep two components separate until the point of use. When the user bends the outer tube to snap the inside vial, the two components become mixed. The mixed components are then dispensed by twisting off the tip of the outer tube and squeezing. The vials are manufactured with a proprietary in-line modified BFS process using recyclable resins. The outer tube can be preprinted to meet customer’s product marketing needs. The company views its newer packaging designs, such as DualDose, as applicable to a wide range of products in market segments like medical device, OTC drugs, personal care and cosmetics, and veterinary. Unicep Packaging Inc., Sandpoint, ID; 208/265-9696;

Customizable Tips
A manufacturer and contract packager of unit-dose dispensing systems recently introduced its expanded line of highly functional, uniquely shaped applicator heads for its patented line of plastic ampoules. The new applicators can be made from materials such as—but not limited to—cosmetic foam, felts, wools, polyurethane, and uncompressed melamine. In addition, all of the new tips can be laminated for coarser applications. The special tips can be designed to fit the exacting needs of customers and offer another level of customization. The largest of the rectangular applicator heads are 1.5 in. wide and the largest of the circular applicator heads are 1 in. in diameter. Each are designed to fit the company’s largest unit-dose tube, which can hold up to 5 ml. The patented Plastic Ampoule is available in pencil shape or triangular shape or two-part configurations with the solution packaged in hermetically sealed crushable glass ampoules. The glass package is suited for volatile formulas or solutions that are not compatible with plastic. James Alexander, Blairstown, NJ; 908/362-9266;

Packager Relocates
One New Jersey-based contract filler and packager gains 30% more space to accommodate growth in cosmetic, health and beauty, and nutritional markets. The provider of single-use packaging and filling solutions for a range of industries has relocated its U.S. headquarters from Wharton, NJ, to a larger building in Randolph, NJ. This modern facility encompasses 115,000 square feet of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient manufacturing, warehousing, and administrative space. The company’s new headquarters will allow for future growth along with the addition of new capital equipment and innovative technologies in the coming months. The company also has two facilities in the United Kingdom. Unette Corp., Randolph, NJ; 973/328-6800;

Tube Printing
A new print technology offers photo-realistic images printed directly onto tubes, allowing a company to offer label quality print without the need for a label. Shown here is a tube that has been produced featuring a photograph of a woman’s face printed directly onto a black tube, demonstrating detail and tonal range possibilities. The company reports that it can manufacture and decorate up to a million tubes a week while continuing to meet quality standards. It can handle mass production as well as short runs. Tubes are available transparent or in white or any color along with an extensive range of special effects. Decoration services include flexographic and silkscreen printing, labeling, and hot foil blocking, enabling product differentiation with a combination of effects. Standard screw caps and snap-on dispensing closures are available to suit all sizes of tubes. M&H Plastics, Suffolk, United Kingdom; +44 1502 715518; marketing@mhplastics;

Integrated Closure and Tube

A one-piece tube with integrated closure is produced by biinjection molding. The closure is fully integrated into the tube body, creating a new packaging concept called CLUBE. The technology employs a unique material formulation and innovative tooling techniques, which, in contrast with traditional extrusion processes, enables the company to produce the complete product including in-mold labeling in just one production step. There is no need for additional downstream equipment. Since the tube shoulder has been eliminated, up to 40% material is saved. In addition, the plastic material is completely recyclable. Plasticum Group, Tilburg, The Netherlands; +31 13 4657465;;

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