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Dispensing Tubes
Softips silicon valve dispensing tips are available in Pinpoint and Ribbontip styles. The dispensing system provides gentle and precise product delivery while offering controlled dispensing and exact product cutoff. The Ribbontip closure offers a smooth, wide-tip applicator, which allows for even product distribution and streamlined dispensing. A polypropylene closure base and over-cap are available in standard white, natural, and matching custom colors. The Softips are available in natural, white, and custom colors. CCL produces these new dispensing tubes in a standard tube size of ¾ in. The closure overcap and base are composed of polypropylene and the overcap measures 0.750 in. Tubes are manufactured in LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, and PCR. The Aptar valve portion of the dispensing closure is composed of medical-grade, flexible silicone. The silicon valves’ slits come in a rounded pointed orifice, which measures 0.110 in. and a rectangle-shaped ribbon orifice, which measures 0.150 in. The tube accepts standard decorating of 1-to-6-color offset, 1-to-6-color silkscreen printing, as well as a variety of custom combination decorating options including hot-stamping and pressure sensitive labeling. CCL Tube Inc., (West Coast) Los Angeles, CA; 310/635-4444; (East Coast) Wilkes-Barre, PA; 570/824-8485;

Maple Syrup Tubes

Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd. has introduced a new maple syrup tube product with the help of a tube manufacturer, making this the first of its kind to hit the Canadian market. The squeezable, portable package is lightweight and shatterproof, so it can easily be packed in a backpack for hiking and camping. The tube meets airport sizing regulations. The flip-top closure is easy to open, the product flows out with no mess, and then it seals tightly to prevent product spillage. The tube is manufactured from clear EVOH material, which acts as an excellent oxygen barrier but still allows customers to enjoy the rich coloring of the premium syrup. Turkey Hill’s Maple Syrup tube is available in a 100 ml format. Monfitello’s Lachine, Quebec, plant has obtained a Federal Site License for Maple Products from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. In late 2009, tubes were approved by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in a Federally Registered Food Establishment. Monfitello will soon obtain site licenses for honey, processed foods, and natural health products. Monfitello, a division of Montebello Packaging; Hawkesbury, ON; 613/632-7096;

Airless Tubes

One inventor of high barrier Polyfoil tubes for the biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries — in partnership with MegaPlast — recently launched an online product blog to interact with customers about Polydose Airless Tubes. The blog is designed to educate the market about the unique attributes of the new line, the engineering behind the package, and the many benefits the new tubes can offer. The goal blog delivers up-to date information about airless packaging and provides an online forum to ask questions and share experiences with industry experts in product development, package design and marketing. The Social Media tools offer chances for dialogue and networking. The site offers video content, pictures, success stories as well as details on technical features, filling guidelines, applications, decoration possibilities, services and more. The site, at, also offers product success stories from current customers. Neopac, Oberdiessbach, Switzerland; +41 (0) 31 770 11 11; Millington, NJ; Richard A. Misdom, 973/670-8367;;

Laminate barrier

A super high luster plastic barrier laminate material called Egnite is now available in an assortment of colors. Packaging attributes comprise the look of metal with the feel of a plastic tube with a resilient bounce-back keeping its form and shape; EVOH and MPET barrier qualities; unique packaging differentiation; and the ability to grab consumers’ attention with distinctive shelf presence. Egnite is available in chrome, gold, beige, copper, black, and custom colors. High end flexo decoration is available, including silkscreen printing and hot stamping.  Essel Propack, Danville VA;

Tube in a Tube

A new partnership creates the introduction of a revolutionary new “Tube in a Tube” manufacturing filling technology. For this partnership, World Wide Packaging has developed 50-mm outer tubes with 35mm inner tubes, in addition to 19mm outer tubes with 10-mm inner tubes. Nu-World Beauty’s new high-speed machine will be capable of filling and crimping both sizes of these unique double tubes. World Wide Packaging Inc., Florham Park, NJ; 973/805-6500;; Nu-World Beauty, Carteret, NJ; 732/541-6300;

Smallest Certified Child-Resistant Tube
A new child-resistant version of a single-dose “Twist’n’Use” packaging is now available. The single-dose tube with tamper-evident features is described by its maker as featuring the smallest, certified child-resistant cap in the industry. The package is opened through two simultaneous movements: pressing down on the outer cap and then twisting. The outer cap freely rotates unless pushed in to interlock with the inner cap. Twisting releases an inner pin and opens the tube at a defined breaking point. The ergonomic nozzle without rupture point allows the user to apply the liquid or cream precisely to the targeted areas without contamination of the contents while the cap remains on the tube. The Twist’n’Use CR is certified according to US 16 CFR §1700.20 and EN14375. It earned Confirmation of Conformity after a formal test procedure (US 16 CFR §1700.20) and can be designated as child resistant and suitable for adults. Children 42 to 51 months old and 200 persons 50 to 70 years old were
tested by Institut Verpackungs-Marktforschung GmbH. The Twist’n’Use system can be used as an easy spot application for animal health as well as for topical applications, ointments, dental/oral care, dietary supplements, concentrates/laboratory substances, scalp treatments, superglue, flavorings, product samples, or travel sets. The company’s entire family of tubes is engineered with the company’s patented Polyfoil technology, providing protection against light and corrosion and offering high aesthetics given all-around printing. Neopac, Oberdiessbach, Switzerland; +41 (0) 31 770 11 11; Millington, NJ; Richard A. Misdom, 973/670-8367;;

Published in Tube News, September 2010

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