The Latest in Solid-Dose Equipment

Automated Dispensing


An automated verification and dispensing system is on the market. The KL30 can process from 100 to 1000 prescriptions daily, and is suited for retail or hospital outpatient pharmacies. The KL30 can save time, steps, and cost
in a pharmacy, according to the manufacturer, by utilizing drug-specific cassettes to fully automate hands-free dispensing of a pharmacy’s top 30 oral solid medications. The KL30 automates the dispensing of 100% of all oral solids with the combination cassette and pourthrough methods. The 30 cassettes manage 25–30% of the orders in a typical retail pharmacy. In addition to managing all tablet dispensing, the KL30 also automates the verification of all prescriptions. Kirby Lester, Lake Forest, IL; 847/984-3377;




Solid-Dose Pouches


A new vertical form-fill-seal machine has been introduced. The Model RV 165-S for packaging tablets, capsules, caplets, and soft-gels features multiple servo drives, rotary heat-sealing dies, and a continuous-motion format. It is designed to produce pouches with four-sided seals in multiples of 2–12 lanes across the die face. Production rates of 100 to 1000 pouches per minute are possible. Pouch sizes range from 0.75 to 4.0 in. in width; lengths are up to 6.0 in. Many thermoplastic, laminate, and coextruded films are compatible with the resistance heat sealing. Registered printing on a single side, or front and back, are available. The Model RV 165 S has an Allen Bradley SLC 5-04 processor with a Panel View 600 operator interface to provide the operator with machine settings, production statistics, and troubleshooting information. Prodo-Pak Corp., Garfield, NJ; 973/772-4500;




Process Line


A company presents a full production line for solid dosage equipment. The process division includes Manesty tablet presses and coaters and Hüttlin granulation and fluid bed systems. The equipment includes the Manesty Xpress 500 tablet press with AccuSpray, which features output capacity for a single-sided tablet press and provides compression solutions for many applications. The patented AccuSpray system delivers a validatable amount of magnesium stearate, so less is used to coat and lubricate tablet surfaces. The Hüttlin Unilab fluid bed system can dry, granulate, and coat and layer. The mobile system with an operator panel is designed to process batches from 0.2 to 6 kg and features process air engineering and a control cabinet with built-in PLC for separate placement. With an exchangable nozzle, Unilab offers disk-jet air movement and bottom spray for both granulation and coating, for short process times, low spray loss, and a high-quality repeatable process. Oystar USA Process Division, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575;




Cell Sustainability


A tablet counter within a new packaging cell with GMP design is on the market. The Twin Rx-Fill tablet counter, along with the Notaris wrap belt labeler and the Sentinel modular inspection system, is part of a program that uses minimal machinery. The smaller footprint and batches of the machines lead to less space requirements, decreased inventory carrying costs, and product waste reduction, which increases the machines’ sustainability offerings. The machines in the cell are constructed for quick changeover. The expandability of the machines means that production can grow along with demand. BellatRx, Point-Claire, QC, Canada; 514/630-0939;




Articulated Robots


A company presents a wide range articulated robots for solid-dose product handling and more. Four-axis SCARA and five- and six-axis articulated robots are available for payloads of up to 20 kg with reaches of up to 1300 mm. Standard cycle time is 0.29–0.95 seconds, with repeatability to within ± 0.015 mm. Tasks include capping, dispensing, inserting, machine-tending, material-handling, pick-and-place, and package assembly. Compact and space-saving designs with concealed wiring reduce interference with surrounding equipment and facilitate integration into tight spaces. Cleanroom (Class 10 and Class 100), dust and mistproof (IP65), and standard models are available. Denso Robotics; 888/4-ROBOTX;


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