The Latest in Product Handling Equipment

Transfer Conveyors
Pop-up transfer conveyors are designed for quiet, trouble-free operation. The conveyors lift items vertically, raising them above the bed of the feeding conveyor and then conveying them 90° to an adjoining or adjacent conveyor. One model is a light-duty unit designed to handle loads up to 250 lb. It utilizes economical and compact motorized roller driven strands, eliminating noisy chain drives. The system is available with urethane V-belt, urethane o-ring, or chain strands; the number of strands and stroke height can be customized. TKF Inc., Cincinnati, OH; 513/241-5910;

Multipurpose Robot
A new six-axis robot offers the functionality and features of larger robots in a lightweight model for applications demanding a smaller footprint and profile. Weighing just 25 kg, the IRB 120 has a standard payload of 3 kg, a vertical wrist payload of 4 kg, a reach of 580 mm, and the ability to reach 112 mm below its base. ABB Inc., Auburn Hills, MI;

Robotic Packer/Palletizer
Designed specifically for packaging facilities that have limited floor space, a new system combines a vertical robotic case packer with an integrated palletizer cell to provide multifunction end-of-line packaging in a very small footprint. Model V 30P integrates a FANUC robot, an ESS-designed end-of-arm tool, a palletizing cell, and Allen Bradley controls using a platform with a color touchscreen display. A fully automated V 30P system occupies less than 16 × 9 ft of floor space. The case packer can handle a range of products, including cartons, bottles, sachets, and bundles. ESS Technologies Inc., Blacksburg, VA; 540/961-5716;;


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