The Latest in Package Testers


A detector is a diagnostic tool for manufacturing environments that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), including electronic and medical device manufacturing and assembly. The Model 900 ESD Event Detector identifies incidents of ESD and verifies suspected areas of ESD activity within a manufacturing site. Batteries power the Model 900, making it portable and compact. A universal power adapter can be used for continuous ac line operation. The Model 900 complies with CE standards. Trek Inc., Medina, NY; 800/367-8735;

Tracer Gas Leak Test

A supplier offers a range of tracer gas leak standards for laboratories, research facilities, testing facilities, manufacturers of ultrahigh-purity gas delivery systems, and any other manufacturer that requires a tracer gas to leak-test its product or equipment. The device is produced under strict A2LA-accredited calibration standards and is supplied with traceable documentation for calibration to ISO/IEC 17025 compliance. Standards are available for most gases ranging from 10–5 to 10–1 atmospheric-cc/sec, and 10–10 to 10–1 for helium. Cincinnati Test Systems Inc., Cleves, OH; 513/367-6699;

Inhaler Testing Device

A unique, fully automated solution for the Andersen Cascade Impactor inhaler test achieves 40 Andersen impactions per day. The Xelize provides storage for up to 200 devices and can be modified to fit specific needs. Sample preparation for HPLC analysis can be fully automated, avoiding inconsistencies associated with manual methods. Company-specific coating techniques for Andersen plates, such as fine-film spraying, are accommodated and fully automated. Astech Projects, Runcorn, United Kingdom; +44 1928 571797;

Package Test System

A package test system targets medical device manufacturers and quality assurance labs. The Lippke 4000 series performs many leak and seal-strength tests on flexible, rigid, and porous materials. The 4000 series conducts tests at three pressure levels, assessing a package under a range of conditions. The device’s positive-pressure medical device packaging test is designed to test the strength of a package’s seals and material while assessing the package’s ability to seal its contents against atmospheric contamination. The device provides results consistent with ASTM standards F2054, F1140, F2095, and ISO 11607. Mocon Inc., Minneapolis; 763/493-6370;



Pore Detector

A device detects pinholes, fractures, tears, and cracks that occur during the forming of aluminum bottom foil. The Lynx-Focon uses near-IR light to detect microscopic defects as small as 25 µm. A dual-zone detection area reduces material waste. The device adapts to all types of machines and is easy to operate and validate. Scanware Electronic GmbH, Bickenbach, Germany; +49 6257 93520;


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