The Latest in New Products

Medical Thermoformer
Thermoforming machinery has been redesigned for optimal flexibility and future growth, allowing manufacturers to expand their capital equipment capabilities as product volumes increase. For a reasonable initial investment, KBS-KF Medical Thermoforming Machinery provides for ample optional components and extremely fast changeover for evolving production expectations. The system is capable of running flexible laminates and rigid films and supports a variety of forming and cut-out techniques to meet individual requirements. Unique features include horizontal gripper chain feeding with a quick-release film-loading area and pneumatically clamped tooling change parts. Adjustable web widths range up to a 250 × 250 × 35 mm deep form and seal area and cycle speeds up to 30 cpm. Custom product infeed systems and end-of-line collating/cartoning systems are also available. KOCH Packaging Systems LP, Towaco, NJ; 973/541-7312;

Variable Size Printing
A web offset press for packaging, labels, and films offers simple and rapid size changes. Sleeve technology allows print sizes to be changed without having to exchange the entire printing inserts, making it cost effective for print lengths that change frequently. Using the VSOP series acquired from Drent Goebel, the company is launching a new line of variable size web presses offering flexible package and cardboard box printing. The company claims that the printing method is more cost effective than flexo and gravure printing, including for small and medium-size runs. Muller Martini Corp., Hauppauge, NY; 888/2-MULLER;

Linear Actuators
A new series of programmable linear actuators offers an expanded range of performance in generating higher loads, longer life, increased duty cycles, higher speed, and programmability. The new Series 500 offers an optional external Linear Position Sensor that provides intelligent, programmable positioning and verification feedback. Load capacities range up to 550 lb for in-line configurations with parallel configurations ranging up to 1000 lb. Nook Industries Inc., Cleveland, OH; 216/271-7900;

Vision Software
Hardware-independent vision software expands image-acquisition options, supporting very large camera images and nontraditional sources. VisionPro 6.0 offers high-accuracy calibration and image correction for line scan cameras, and expanded ID reading capability of 2-D codes. The image acquisition system in VisionPro 6.0 has been enhanced to support images up to 16 bits in depth, which enables use of nontraditional acquisition sources such as 3-D profilers, thermal cameras, and X-ray imagers. Built-in compatibility with selected thermal cameras and 3-D profile scanners ensures rapid integration. It supports Microsoft 64-bit operating systems to meet the demands of larger cameras and greater pixel depth. Cognex Corp., 877/264-6391;

Spool Valve
A new high-flow valve is designed to reduce costs in fluid packaging. Able to accommodate a range of fluids, including those with high viscosities, Model 780 can be used for filling vials, bottles, and specialty containers. Adjustable material suck-back and flow control enable the valve to maintain dispensing accuracy. Standard valves are supplied with hard-coated aluminum components and Teflon seals; stainless steel is also available. Tridak LLC, Torrington, CT; 860/626-6700;

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