The Latest in New Products

Blister, Capsule Inspection


A company introduces a color camera system for reliable blister tablet and capsule inspection. The Polyphem wt40 is a high-resolution megapixel camera and software system to detect small differences in shape, size, and contour. The system handles specialized products such as white tablets and white foil, transparent capsules with colored granules, and multicolored capsules. The Polyphem wt40 is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, offers a “touch-and-train” ergonomic menu structure, and is now available with after-sealing inspection. Hapa & Laetus Inc., Rockaway, NJ; 973/983-2700;;


Automated Conveyors


A new automation series has recently been released. The AS40 and AS65 low-profile belt conveyors convey with single-piece extruded aluminum frames. They offer toolless belt changes, rotatable drives, and rotate-to-replace drive bearings designed with versatility. The manufacturer uses its trademark pivot-rotatable drive technology on the AS40 end drivers for quick rotation. AS65 center drive containers have a below-belt drive that can be positioned to fit with integrated machinery. Push-button tension release mechanisms reduce tension on the belt for fast changes and easy cleaning. A push reseats the tension release mechanism with proper tension and tracking retained. QC Industries, Batavia, OH; 513/753-6000;


Ecofriendly Blisters


A socially and environmentally responsible packaging option is now available. Green Initiative combines recyclable and recycled packaging materials for both unit-dose and multidose delivery systems. The line includes the manufacturer’s new recycled soda bottle material (RPET) unit-dose delivery system. According to the manufacturer, its custom tooling and design offers customers fast turnaround from concept to finished product to get product to market more quickly. Sonic Packaging, Westwood, NJ; 201/666-4744;


Variable Sealing


New variable sealing control (VSC) technology is available. A company’s VSC technology automatically adjusts sealing energy to compensate for line speed fluctuations. The manufacturer has developed an algorithm for sealing over various line speeds. VSC monitors conveyor speed and adjusts sealing energy for optimal sealing results. The technology allows packagers flexibility in placing mountings for induction sealers. The PLC-based system lets operators to store recipes for multiple products on their packaging line. Enercon, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070;


Pressure-Sensitive Labeler


A pressure-sensitive labeler for small pharmaceutical and ophthalmic containers is on the market. The Model 326 Auto-Colt III Trunnion features servo-driven feedscrews and a trunnion roll system for positive container handling and servo-driven label dispensers and applicators for accurate label placement. The manufacturer says the labeler features an accuracy rate of +/- 0.5 mm while still offering fast changeovers and low maintenance. The labeler is suited for round containers from 0.563–2 in. in diameter with shoulder heights of 0.813–3 in., and applies wraparound labels at rates of up to 300 containers per minute. Four synchronized Allen-Bradley Kinetix servomoters, and the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix platform, are included. NJM/CLI Packaging Systems International, Lebanon, NH; 603/448-0300;
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