The Latest in New Products

A new quality inspection tool is used to track, trace, and record product information on finished goods. The Q-Spec system is designed for incoming and finished goods, by quickly capturing an image of product information. The system includes a computer and imaging station with a 10.3-megapixel camera that can capture an image up to 17 × 23 in. in diameter. Built-in zoom and macro features allow objects to be viewed and captured clearly. Uniform lighting presents each product in identical conditions. Measurement and color comparisons are enabled through a series of comparisons and quality checks. Complete Inspection Systems Inc., Indialantic, FL; 321/952-2490;

In-line Labeler

A company presents a new in-line labeling system. The Inline 6200 labeling system is a stainless-steel cabinet-based programmable logic-controlled labeling system designed for heavy-duty front-and-back, side panel–, or wrap-labeling applications. Features include a rotating control panel, a 12-ft Delrin chain conveyor with stainless-steel side plates, and a segmented top-trap hold down to keep products in place. Also featured are automatic speed following (ASF) for product surface profiling, variable frequency drive (VFD), and dual-applicator mounts with in/out traverse, up/down, with tilt adjustments for maximum versatility. Standard speeds up to 2000 in./min with VFD make the 6200 a suitable choice for demanding applications requiring speed and precision. The 6200’s options include a choice of Label-Aire New Generation 3100/3000–Series applicators (wipe-on, air-blow, or tamp-blow), wrap belt, single or dual feedscrews, stainless-steel side plates, stainless-steel frame, stainless-steel cabinet, airfill capability, and powered or nonpowered impressors. Label-Aire, Fullerton, CA; 714/441-0700;

Print-and-Apply System

A company now offers a custom system interface to general customers. The LM1510 and LM3510 user interfaces provide an HTTP Web page server module that presents labeler status information to network PCs. The LM1510 and LM3510 can be programmed with an HLI-100 handheld programming pendent or with the optional Smart Touch Screen. This screen features its own integrated control and can oversee up to four labelers and the complete LM5000RPS conveyor system. The touch screen displays applicator information and status along with conveyor speeds and conveyor status. Other features include: light beacon output, 8 relay outputs, 12 optically isolated inputs, 8 sinking outputs, 3 0–10-V-dc drive outputs, 1 plus or minus 0–10-V-dc servodrive output, 2 PWM drive outputs, 2 encoder inputs, 4 labeler network ports, and 1 auxiliary serial port. Label Mill/Coding Solutions Inc.; 888/443-9602;

Pressure Adhesive

A company has recently introduced a new adhesive for pharmaceutical containers. The optiFLEX CONFORMmax PE30483, featuring V-882, product is ideal for ophthalmic labeling applications and OTC application labels, according to the manufacturer. It has been engineered for semisqueeze and rigid containers with irregular shapes for primary labeling applications. V-882 is a high-performance permanent acrylic adhesive with FDA and DMF status. It offers wet-out on low-surface high-density polyethylene containers. High-performance polyethylene films help label graphics and critical consumer information to remain intact. The white film offers long-term performance without lifting, tunneling, or flagging. V-882 aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive offers tack, clarity ,and wet-out characteristics. FlexCon, Spencer, MA; 508/885-8370;

Industrial Sealing Capacity

A plastics and packaging industry equipment provider introduces new induction sealing to its line of products. New variable sealing control and energy efficiency mark the company’s latest contact sealing offerings. Y Water is variable sealing control technology that ensures reliable seals by adjusting energy to compensate for line speed fluctuations. A remote control and monitoring system allows control of the fluctuations from a remote touch screen. Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070;


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