The Latest in New Products


A semiautomatic machine applies or removes caps for roller bottles used in animal and human biological research laboratories. With adjustable feet for leveling, it can sit on a tabletop near an electrical outlet and is operated with three control push buttons. The Roller Bottle Capper/Uncapper machine is housed in 304 stainless steel. Seals allow cleaning with almost any antibacterial cleaning agent. Pertinent parts can be removed and autoclaved. With easy loading and unloading, the machine automatically cycles from three to six seconds per bottle. A simple adjustment accommodates bottles from 101⁄2 in. to 21 in. tall. Capping and uncapping static torques are adjustable. Dc servo drives ensure high accuracy and repeatability of applied torque. This machine reduces strain on hands, wrists, and forearms. Massman Automation Designs LLC, Villard, MN; 320/554-3611;

Heavy-Wall Jar

A 6-oz single heavy-wall jar has a thickness of 89 mm. The jar is the newest in a line of single-heavy-wall jars that begin at ¼ oz and range up to 10 oz. Jars can be finished using four-color offset printing, multicolor UV ink silk screening, high-speed pressure-sensitive full wrap of the jar and its closure, and front/back spot labeling. IntraPac Group, Plattsburgh, NY; 518/561-2030;

Wide-Format Folder

A pharmaceutical packaging company has developed technologies to fulfill growing demand for wide-format folding inserts and outserts. New FDA regulations on labeling and the industry’s expanded use of larger printed material have created new packaging requirements. The new tools have a folding capacity of up to 130 fold panels with the use of an electronic water score system, uniformity and flatness through pressing units, folding with servo-driven two-knife folding stations, noncontact glue systems, full bar code scanning, and fast turnaround. Cortegra, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8018;


A new radiometer offers simple operation and repeatable measurements of UV light. The Accu-Cal 100 can measure UV light up to 10 W/cm2 emitted from stationary flood curing lamps or lamps used in conveyorized processes. The 100 measures both intensity and total energy, providing the operator with one-button operation. The device requires calibration every 12 months. Dymax Corp., Torrington, CT; 860/496-0608;

Refrigerated Container System

Available for six different pallet sizes, a refrigerated container features a eutectic plate with a constant cooling capacity. Placed in the top part of the container, the eutectic plate releases cooling capacity obtained from a cold room. The Roll Insulated Plastic Cabinet series features a one-piece rotomolded body and door composed of polyethylene with expanded poly­urethane foam insulation. Grooves on its internal walls facilitate cold gas flow’s natural convection. Its two-pin door hinge with pelican closing system is made of rustproof treated steel. Hermani AG, Palm Beach, FL; 561/432-8940;


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