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Featured products include a Cartoner, a Capsule Filler, and a Form-Fill-Seal Machine.

Horizontal Cartoner
An intermittent cartoner offers a new open-access guarding package for easier maintenance access. Pre-engineered cartoning infeed systems fully automate the cartoning process. A modular design and all-mechanical, heavy-duty drive system handle carton setup and manual loading applications at speeds of up to 50 CPM with high accuracy. Positive carton setups are ensured by the vacuum-feed assembly. The RCS Horizontal Intermittent Cartoner features an easy-to maintain servo-driven conveyor system that reduces maintenance requirements. The addition of digital readouts, scales, and pointers support quick, repeatable product changeovers. A simple, low-cost HMI package is also available. MGS Machine Corp.; 763/425-880; www.
Capsule Filler
A continuous-motion capsule filler is capable of producing up to 250,000 capsules per hour. Available with the MultiNETT weight control system, the MultiFLEXA 250 offers wash-in-place and containment features for manufacturing high-potency drugs at high speeds. The MultiFLEXA 250 features two “no capsule–no dosage” dosing stations, meaning that if the capsule to be filled is missing, the dose is neither drawn nor released. The MultiFLEXA 250’s capsule handling and product dosing area is completely separate from its mechanical drive zone, which includes transmission elements and lubrication systems. To optimize product flow, the machine can be integrated with automatic loading systems for capsules and products, as well as systems to sort, clean, and distribute filled capsules at the outfeed. The MultiFLEXA 250 can be equipped with MultiNETT, a
100% weight control system that monitors and reports the net weight of each dosed capsule. MultiNETT, which also can check product microdosages and different components in various dosage combinations, achieves a high degree of accuracy. MultiNETT employs capacitive tomography to guarantee accuracy and precision, regardless of variables such as the position or quantity of product inside a capsule. The system rejects all capsules it deems out of specification. In addition, MultiNETT’s continuous and precise measuring of dosages optimizes production. If necessary, MultiNETT self-adjusts the dosing chamber to keep the process in line with the required parameters. MG America, a subsidiary of MG2, Fairfield,
NJ; 973/808-8185;
Form-Fill-Seal Machine
A form-fill-seal machine is capable of speeds of up to 140 bags per minute depending on the application.
The machine forms, fills, and seals bags with widths ranging from 1.75 to 11 inches (44 to 280 mm) and lengths from 2.5 to 15.00 inches (60 to 390 mm). Standard features include stainless steel construction, Matrix “SmartJaw” ST horizontal sealing technology, color touch screen operator panel, English/Spanish operator interface, and an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC control system. The Mercury HS offers a self-centering film drive down system, automatic edge guide film tracking, and short travel, angled incline film upwind, all of which contribute to precise film movement and trouble free operation. Tool-free quick-change core chucks help to ensure fast changeover between jobs. The unit has a small foot print, and is a moderately priced machine with low annual operating cost. Matrix Packaging Machinery, powered by ProMach, Saukville, WI; 262/268-8300;
Bottle Syncing
A solution captures and syncs a bottle’s unique serialized label with its individual line code, handling bottles of 30-1500 milliliters in volume at speeds up to 300 per minute. The solution is seamlessly compatible with a wide range of serialization software and vision components. It verifies each code’s readability, confirms that each bottle belongs on the line, establishes a one-to-one relationship between the two codes, and enables high-integrity identification processes downstream. The LabelSync 450 Vision Module system is composed of four cameras whose combined viewpoints offer 360-degree label inspection, as well as a fifth camera to read secondary line code. Omega Design
Corp., Exton, PA; 610/363-6555
CR Cap
A closure utilizes two-piece push-and-turn technology with child-resistant and senior-friendly effectiveness. Consumer Product Safety Commission protocol tests were completed with positive results in mid-May 2013. A full protocol will follow, with commercialization expected later this year. The system is developed in response to the CPSC’s rule requiring child-resistant (CR) packaging for products containing the equivalent of 0.08 milligrams or more of imidazoline. Sizes ranging from 13 mm-15 mm for ophthalmic and 15 mm-18 mm for nasal will be offered. Various sample sizes are now available.The SecureCap Child-Resistant Closures are patent pending and will be CE marked. System components are manufactured in facilities that comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and ISO 9001:13485 quality standards. Comar, Inc., Buena, NJ; 800/962-6627;
Metal Detector
A metal detector is able to pinpoint small pieces of metal contamination in shallow layers of nonferrous product. When used downstream of an in-line metal detector, it can help find the exact location once a detection has occurred and the product flow has stopped. A compact yet powerful detector, the Eriez Handy Tec Model HH-10 Hand-Held Metal Detector is now available for next day shipment through the company’s EriezXpress quick-ship program. In this program, the order to shipment process is streamlined with the support of a dedicated team. The company also offers products including magnetic plates, grates, and traps, small coolant cleaners, lifting magnets, vibratory feeders, bin vibrators, and magnetic rolls through the EriezXpress Program. Eriez, Erie, PA; 888/300-3743;
Proofreading Tool
A company will represent an automated proofreading tool in North America. The Text Verification Tool (TVT) created by Schalfender Hase, a Germany-based company, is an automated proofreading tool designed to quickly and efficiently compare documents of any length. The TVT compares and verifies text, text order, and text formatting, regardless of the layout. The application does not change the files, providing a benefit in regulated printing industries. PC Industries will represent the software throughout North America with sales and technical support, and customer training. Training sessions are provided at varying levels, based on customer need, from basic software use to train-the-trainer. Sessions can be at either the customer’s site or at the PC Industries facility in Gurnee, Illinois. PC Industries; 847/336-3300;
Tracking Solution
A software-as-a-service solution tracks packages from the time they are received from a carrier until they are delivered and signed for by the intended recipient. The solution enables users to track when a package is delivered, when the package arrived, who received and signed for it, where the package is located, and when it was delivered to the end recipient. All delivery information is stored in a database that all users can easily access in real-time. The Package Tracker is offered in four editions: standard software, monthly subscription; professional software, monthly subscription; standard software, one year subscription, and professional software, one year subscription. Wasp Barcode Technologies, Plano, TX; 866/547-9277; 

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