The Latest in New Products

Two companies exhibited together at Interphex showing checkweighers equipped with the Wipotec EMFR-Weigh Cell to provide accurate results. The new EC-ESSENTIAL is designed for basic needs and the HC-Avantagarde (up to 640 pcs/min) for demanding needs. In addition, the HC-Mini can handle small products like pouches and syringes, while HC-IS handles aerosol cans, plastic, and glass bottles. OCS Checkweighers Inc., Snellville, GA; 678/344-8300;

Pallet Shipper
A provider of temperature-controlled products has released an insulated pallet shipping container. Designed to meet increased demand for controlled room temperature (CRT) insulated pallet containers, RePak120CRT is suited for cold-chain shipments that must remain in the 20° to 30° C range. RePak120CRT insulated pallet shipping containers are constructed to be lightweight and easy to use and to support even the heaviest payloads. Tested against robust summer and winter profiles, these containers are designed to maintain 15° to 25° C for up to 120 hours. Other features and benefits include the use of lightweight insulated panels, easy assembly for just one person, reusable or single use capability, standard wood pallet or tough reusable plastic pallet, and options for a corrugated outer covering or a reusable plastic outer covering. It is designed with reusable Phase 22 HDPE refrigerant packs preconditioned at room temperature. The company also has a series of pallets for 2° to 8° C. Cryopak, part of the the TCP Family of Companies, 888/827-3393;

Color options are available for manufacturers of medical devices and packaging who choose newer plastic materials like Eastman Tritan copolyester and TOPAS cyclic olefin copolymer (COC). Pretested and compliant with key standards governing materials used in medical and pharmaceutical applications, MEVOPUR color concentrates and pre-color compounds are produced under specially controlled conditions in ISO 13485 certified plants using raw materials that have been biologically evaluated against USP parts 87 and 88 (Class VI devices) and/or the international standard ISO 10993, and spectroscopically analyzed on delivery. The masterbatches and precolor compounds are an addition to the company’s globally available ISO 10993/USPVI standard color range for such polymers as specialty polyether block amide (PEBA) and more widely used polyethylene and polypropylene materials. The new masterbatches can provide vibrant colors and advanced performance properties. The new colors for TOPAS COC polymers were developed to work with the inherent transparency of the material. No dyes are used, eliminating the risk of color migrating to the surface of molded products. Masterbatches and precolored compounds for Tritan copolyester are available in both translucent and opaque formulations. The medical-grade pigments allow the company to produce a wide range of standard and custom colors. Clariant Masterbatches,

Sensor Film
A tactile pressure–indicating sensor film can be used to assess and correct sealing die pressure at the interface between sealing jaws and rollers and reveal potential weak spots, channels, and wrinkles at the actual heat sealing surface. When placed between contacting surfaces, the Fujifilm Prescale instantaneously and permanently changes color proportional to the actual pressure applied. When removed, precise pressure magnitude is determined by comparing the resultant color intensity on the film to a color correlation chart. No instrumentation is required but imaging is available for even greater detail. The pressure-sensitive film is widely used to verify and calibrate contact pressures during equipment set-up and preventive maintenance. Fuji Prescale is available as sheets, similar in size and appearance to paper, or bound in a roll. It is flexible, conforms to straight and curved surfaces, and can be hand or laser cut to any size and shape. Sensor Products Inc., 973/884-1755;  

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