The Latest in New Products

Recovery System

A machine automatically separates solid dose product from several sizes of capped polymer bottles. The CapAway 40 reduces cost of product recovery, rework, and waste disposal while preventing damage and contamination of recovevred product. The easily accessible open balcony style machine operates at speeds of up to 40 bottles per minute. Gemel Precision Tool Co. Inc., Ivyland, PA; 215/355-2174;

Auger Filler System

A device incorporates load cells and utilizes the bulk and dribble method to efficiently and precisely fill dry powders within 0.25%. The 3500 Digitronic net weigh auger filler system with bag clamp includes a dust collector port to improve air quality, reduce maintenance, and diminish product loss. Conveyors and stainless-steel stands can also be fitted. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery Inc., Sturtevant, WI; 877/375-2121;

Recirculation Cooler

A liquid-to-air recirculating cooler provides economical heat removal for laboratory equipment and procedures. The Model 3370 provides 4000 W of cooling capacity at 20°C and can handle liquid temperatures as high as 77°C. Designed for simple operation and maintenance, the 3370’s positive displacement or turbine pump circulates fluid to the equipment, back into a reservoir, and through a fan-cooled radiator that removes heat. The 3370 measures 22.25 × 15 × 22.5 in. PolyScience, div. of Preston Industries Inc., Niles, IL; 800/229-7569;

Integrated Conveyor Tables

Stainless-steel side tables can be formed out of conveyors’ frames on either one or both sides of any of a family of sanitary conveyors. The AquaPruf platform is designed to not have harbor points for bacteria and other contaminants to collect. The conveyors can be disassembled for cleaning, without tools, in less than 60 seconds. The conveyors come in straights and curves and can be made to a range of lengths and widths. Dorner Manufacturing Corp., Hartland, WI; 262/367-7600;

Syringe-Assembling Machine

A continuous-motion, single-belt device provides smooth, efficient handling and quiet operation. The Type 211 is dedicated to the assembly of prefilled syringes into safety devices. A video control system verifies that syringes are correctly placed into their safety devices and automatically rejects defective assemblies. A touch screen operator interface terminal with intuitive graphic displays eases use to simplify operator training and help ensure the system operates optimally. Bausch Advanced Technology Group, Clinton, CT; 860/669-7380;

Laser Marker

A high-speed, high-quality laser marker has the ability to mark in the x, y, and z directions. The YV04 MD-V9900’s three-axis motion allows for a free 300 × 300-mm marking area and the ability to clearly mark on difficult shapes. The device offers a dual-end pumping cavity and power stability. The MD-V9900 marks on inclines, cylinders, and circular cones at speeds up to 12,000 mm/sec at a focal length of 42 mm. Keyence Corp., Woodcliff Lake, NJ; 888/539-3623;

Dry Scale

A device is designed for light-duty dry applications. The PBA220 platform provides high-performance weighing in dry environments. The unit is available in square and rectangular shapes, six capacities, and nine dimensional sizes. The PBA220 shares all accessories with the existing line of PBA330 platforms, including low-profile cart, roller top, ball top, column, and floor stand. Mettler-Toledo, Columbus, OH; 800/523-5123;


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