The Latest in New Products

Tablet Counter
Suited for handling large tablets, a system uses European tablet and capsule counting technology in order to offer accuracy at an affordable price. Ideal for large production runs, the VitaCount features the latest electronic control system with a user friendly interface consisting of a membrane control panel with a colour LCD display. Simplified controls allow for a trouble free and precise setup. Systems are supported with local service and operator training, long-term machinery support, product upgrades, and custom solutions. PallayPack Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 514/630-1818;

Robotic Infeed to Cartoner
A new robotic infeed to a cartoner handles blister cards at 300 cards per minute. The Eclipse provides collation and interleaving of cards to reduce carton space, saving on shipping and paperboard costs. The Eclipse’s unique infeed offers a clean, open design and a 300 ppm infeed speed. Product is accepted randomly from the upstream equipment, collated, and placed while maintaining positive control of the product. Coding and vision inspection is made in the cartoner, rather than externally, saving valuable plant floor space. The Eclipse intermittent motion cartoner runs at speeds up to 90 cartons per minute and handles cartons up to 10 in. (length) × 4.5 in (width) × 12 in. (depth). The 7.5 ft × 4.5 ft footprint is one of the smallest in the industry. The Eclipse features a patent pending “walk-in” style design for ease of operator interface, and a state-of-the art HMI and motion control package. Quick and accurate changeovers are tool-less and can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808;
A line of off-the-shelf qualified shipping solutions are developed to be quick-to-market, cost-effective alternatives that can meet the toughest and most comprehensive thermal testing requirements in the industry. Certis Qualified shippers feature ThermoPhase powered by PureTemp, a patented, proprietary, and renewable plant-based phase change material. The line is based on a patent-pending modular platform design that allows for simple modifications to phase-change materials or flexible component designs to accommodate various temperature requirements, durations, or payload sizes. The products can meet the most robust ambient profiles, making them effective solutions for the pharmaceutical, Rx distribution, and clinical trials markets. The first phase of the launch provides solutions for a refrigerated temperature range, with different options for payloads—from extra small to pallet size—and duration periods. Additional products, addressing an expanded range of shipping requirements, will be released over the next several months. ThermoSafe Brands, a strategic business unit of Tegrant Corp., DeKalb, IL; 847/632-9652;

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