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Detectable Material
A copolymer contains an additive that makes it easily and quickly detected by metal detectors during pharmaceutical materials processing. Evaluated under a test regimen contained in 3-Sanitary Standards for Multiple Use Plastic Materials, Number 20-25, TECAFORM AH ID (POM-C) polyoxymethylene copolymer offers security against machinery contamination. Resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents, it can be used in a range of applications in food and pharmaceutical packaging. TECAFORM AH ID material can be immediately detected using standard metal detectors during routine quality inspection procedures. It is being used in housing parts, agitators, kneading elements, and wiper blades for the food industry. Ensinger, 800/243-3221;

Roller Sensors
A hand-held device can measure spot nips (the contact point between rollers) at any section of a web or sheet fed process, such as those used in small printing and coating rollers. When DigiNip’s two durable sensor elements are placed between two contacting rollers that are subjected to pressure, nip width readings are immediately displayed on the device. Unlike traditional methods of measurement, which include using inking rollers and carbon paper,  DigiNip is clean, reliable, and convenient. As a quality control and maintenance tool, it extends roller life, thereby decreasing costs. Product quality is also improved. The unit includes the hand-held device, two sensor elements, cables, AA batteries, and a water-resistant carrying case. Sensor Products Inc., Madison, NJ; 973/884-1755;

A family of conveyors offers automation, flexibility, and performance. The DustPruf 2300 and 5300 Series feature streamlined frame design that virtually eliminates all catch points where particulates or debris can collect. The company reports that common sources of dust include corrugate and packaging processes as well as handling of granular or fine particle products. An FDA-approved, low-friction coating on the bedplate reduces friction between the bedplate and conveyor belt, enabling the motor to run 20% more efficiently, lowering energy consumption. Subsequently, the load capacity is 20% higher as well with the same motor, allowing for more energy savings over a larger horse powered motor. The patent-pending SmartSlot system allows users to employ self-tapping screws and a cordless drill to quickly attach any guiding and automation accessories. A small indentation on the conveyor’s frame directs customers to the best place to install these additional components. Dorner Manufacturing, Hartland, WI; 800/397-8664;

Filler and Capper
A four-head sanitary gravity filler and a four-station spindle capper were on display at  EastPack 2010. Constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the filler features quick break-down construction throughout the machine, including triclamp disconnect fittings and quick-disconnect valves and pumps, which maximize cleaning and efficiency. The capper can accommodate a wide variety of cap and bottle configurations without the need for change parts. It can be configured as fully automatic cappers, semiautomatic cap tighteners, or as retorquing devices after an induction sealer. They offer a versatile solution for applying and tightening threaded caps. The company also provides plugging, labeling, date coding, and bottle-handling solutions. E-PAK Machinery Inc., La Porte, IN; 800/328-0466;
Medical Coatings
Two companies have partnered to  commercialize innovations in medical coatings. Medical coatings will be applied to high-volume medical devices such as glucose test strips, introducer patches, wound management dressings, and other coated medical devices or components. Combining capabilities from both companies provides customers with an integrated solution from early R&D to high-volume production. Harland Medical Systems’ evaluates and commercializes coating materials, developing coating application processes, and designs and builds coating equipment. Tapemark has more than 50 years of expertise in medical and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, offering coating and dispensing, die-cutting, laminating, and packaging. Products will be converted and packaged in Tapemark’s cleanroom suites, which are cGMP-compliant, ISO 9001 and 13485 certified, and FDA-audited for both drugs and devices. Harland Medical Systems, Minneapolis,; The Tapemark Co., West St. Paul, MN;

Tubing/Wire Set Coiler
A tubing set coiling machine can be  used in manufacturing and packaging disposable medical devices such as tubing or wire sets. According to the manufacturer of the Mini-Winder, tubing can be coiled and packaged three times faster than when using conventional methods, and it reduces the risk of injury to hands and wrists. A length of material is placed on a turntable that rotates the exact number of times necessary to make the coil.  The speed, diameter of coil, number of rotations, and direction of the turntable along with many other features can be adjusted using a keypad. After a coil is completed, the turntable mandrel retracts, enabling the operator to slide the finished product into a package without having to lift it.
S-Y-M Products Co., 203/329-2469;

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