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A small-footprint device manufactures continuous-strip pouch-type products. The JS series of pouch dispensers is capable of up to 350 pieces per minute. Its design and manufacture interface multiple packaging formats, including bottling lines, pouch thermoformers, VFFS and HFFS machinery, and continuous-motion flow wrappers. Models of the JS series feature 8-in. color touch screen monitors. The machine can be produced to operate in various voltages. Jushay, Orchard Park, NY; 716/662-8215;

Liquid Dispenser

A supplier claims its liquid dispenser is the number-one dispenser used throughout the world. The JB1113-LF conforms to RoHS requirements. High-volume manufacturing allows the supplier to pass savings along to its customers. The dispenser includes timed pulse-shot and continuous-mode operation. Regulated air output controls air pressure to syringe or valve, and the vacuum snuff-back feature prevents dripping or ooze. I&J Fisnar Inc., Fair Lawn, NJ; 201/796-1477;

Thermal Ink-Jet Printer

A thermal ink-jet device can print on plastic, foil, nonporous surfaces, tablets, and capsules. The APS uses specialty inks developed especially for the device, which give it the ability to print on nonporous surfaces without the assistance of a dryer. The specialized inks also expand the device’s capability to print on tablets and capsules. Nutec Systems Inc., Lawrenceville, NJ; 609/912-0145;

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Delivery System

A system allows companies to use a bottle top closure as a delivery system. The NutraTop combines a dry consumable with a liquid in one container. The material is formed into a solid that can be bitten or licked away from the cap assembly. The NutraTop delivers ingredients from a confection coating over a spout located on the outside of a closure. When used with a bottle of water, the NutraTop dissolves, releasing vitamins or medicine while encouraging the consumer to drink water. Children appreciate the NutraTop’s lollypop-like design. The NutraTop can be manually opened and closed, controlling liquid flow. ScentSational Technologies, Jenkinstown, PA; 215/938-0511;

Package Wrapping Machine

A supplier distributes a line of packaging machinery featuring a number of models that offer choices of wrapping speed, machine footprint, and package size to meet cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and consumer product application. The Bergami packaging machines are designed to heat-seal films of PP, PVC, PE, and cellophane. Many models also accommodate non-heat-sealed materials such as Kraft paper. The wrappers include either belted or toothed output devices to protect high-gloss and delicate cartons from damage during the wrapping process. ESS Technol­ogies Inc., Blacksburg, VA; 540/961-5716;


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