The Latest in Lidding and Trays

Zone-Coated Rollstock
A supplier of innovative products to the global healthcare market now offers zone-coated lidding in rollstock form. Reportedly only available from this supplier, zone-coated Tyvek lidding allows for the precise application of heat-seal adhesives within the seal area only, maximizing porosity to potentially shorten sterilization cycles and preventing adhesive from coming in contact with the product often eliminating the need for additional packaging components. Zone-coated rollstock is sealable to a wide variety of thermoforming plastics and is compatible with EtO and radiation sterilization methods. Zone-coated lidding provides excellent hot tack and peel strength, with uniform adhesive transfer for greater customer satisfaction. Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging, Grand Rapids, MI; 616/456-7711;;

ISO 13485 Certification
A company’s site in Cranston, RI, has  announced that it has upgraded its quality systems to the ISO 13485 standard. By adding to the already effective ISO 9001 quality management system, Nelipak Cranston (formerly Alga Plastics) fully aligns its practices around the additional design, traceability, regulatory, and quality requirements specific to the medical device industry. ISO 13485 is now in place in the three Nelipak sites in Venray (Netherlands), Galway (Ireland), and in Cranston, RI. Use of this common standard will make the management of new product design, tooling transfers, regulatory changes and contingency planning for product continuity simpler and faster, the company reports. Further investment in the infrastructure of the Cranston, RI, facility is planned for the first half of 2011 to keep pace with market demand. Sealed Air, 401/946-2699;

Washdown Package for Tray and Bliss Formers

A new complete washdown package available for a company’s tray and bliss forming machines. Originally designed for produce boxes, these machines have made their way into nearly every industry that uses corrugated packaging. Improvements have been made to the design, operator interface, maintainability, and longevity of the tray and bliss formers, making them adaptable to a variety of industries. With a washdown package, it’s possible for the tray or bliss former to be located inside the clean area of a packaging room. This allows customers to decrease their floor space and reduce costs by eliminating lengthy conveyors that bring corrugated trays into the packaging room through an opening in the wall. The company offers high-speed packaging automation solutions to a variety of industries around the globe, including pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics, and others. It offers systems for bagging, cartoning, bliss and tray erecting, pouching, and more. Thiele Technologies, a Barry-Wehmiller Co., Minneapolis, 612/782-3642;

Molded Fiber Clamshell
A custom thermoformer has won a  2010 AmeriStar Packaging award in the Pharmaceutical/Drug Category. The company created a molded fiber clamshell made through a type-three molding process for its customer, Help Remedies. Leveraging its plastic thermoforming capabilities, the company developed a type-three process. The process involves using heated dies and molds and putting the pulp through a coining process that presses out moisture to produce a clamshell with a
plastic-like finish. The firm is exploring the use of molded pulp for other healthcare products and is testing it in some applications that involve sterilization. Plastic Ingenuity, Cross Plains, WI; 608/798-3071; www.

Cleanroom Expansion
A thermoformer is currently in the final phase of its expansion to include an ISO Class 8 cleanroom. This expansion will ensure future capacity to serve its growing medical customers and their needs. Additional equipment is also being added. The new cleanroom is a 26,000-sq-ft facility composed of 21,000 sq ft of controlled environment. The entire system contains more than 200 filters to minimize particulate levels required for ISO class 8 environments and is controlled by a monitoring system that collects and records the cleanroom’s temperature, pressure differentials, and humidity values. All finished products transfer into a 3600-sq-ft quality inspection area that is integrated with the 12,600 sq ft of manufacturing space composed of four Class 8 compartments capable of housing a total of 11 in-line thermoforming machines. Brentwood Industries, Reading, PA; 610/374-5109;

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