The Latest in Inserts & Outserts

Upgraded Folding Machinery
A packaging solutions company recently upgraded its Vijuk MV 2011 outsert system with a special knife that allows for the folding of outserts with up to 210 panels. The system is capable of folding both inserts and outserts with up to 210 panels with finished, folded sizes as small as 1¼ × 1¼ in. It also has a water scoring feature, which drops a series of tiny water dots to soften fibers in the paper, allowing the company to reduce the thickness of outserts and inserts by 13−18%. This enables this company to put more leaflets in customer trays, so that customers need less storage and don’t have to change the tray as frequently. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of custom folding cartons, printed literature, inserts, outserts, and unit-dose compliant packaging. 3C Packaging, formerly known as Colonial Carton Co., Clayton, NC;

Green Celebration
A company specializing in producing pharmaceutical inserts and outserts is celebrating its 90th year in business. The family owned business plans to celebrate throughout the year with its environmentally focused campaign, “90 Years, Plant 900 Trees.” It will engage the community in a variety of promotions that will result in a donation of 900 trees to the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign. For every FSC Certified job purchased, it will donate 150 trees. It will offer other programs for community members to have a tree donated in their honor. The Flottman Company, Inc., Crestview Hills, KY; 859/331-6636;

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