The Latest in Inserts and Outserts

Outsert System
One company introduces a patented MV-09 Outsert System with the new 16-plate G&K FA 53 Folder for folding inserts and outserts. The double knife-folder system with  water scoring and integrated pressing rollers folds sheet sizes up to 20¾ × 40 in. into compact outserts with up to 170 panels. The G&K FA 53 offers ease of set up with zero-makeready plates and quick caliper-set rollers, a new double-sheet ejection system, feeder setup recall, and jam detection—improving production. Machine speed is 14,000 cycles per hour. Vijuk Equipment; Elmhurst, IL; 630/530-2203;

In-Sheet Solves IFU Bind
With the new In-Sheet solution, the Instructions for Use is laminated and an adhesive backer is applied so that it can be mounted to the outside of a medical device’s pouch or box, solving the problem of the instructions being inside the pouch with the device. In-Sheet is a unique flexo process that laminates a pre-folded document and adds an adhesive backer making the IFU quickly accessible to medical personnel. Mounting the In-Sheet to the outside of the device package may eliminate the need to sterilize the document and ensures the instructions cannot do any damage to the delicate mechanisms of the device. It also ensures the documents cannot be separated from the device and clearly belong to that package. The laminate is flexible and as a result it is easily mounted to both pouches and boxes. The typical turn-around time for an IFU with In-Sheet is 10 business days following the final approval of the customer-supplied artwork. Only five business days are needed for IFU’s without the IN-SHEET application. Robinson Printing & Creative Media; Temecula, CA; 951/296-0300;

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