The Latest in Handling Equipment

Control Panels

A company has expanded its line of control panels. The new IndraControl L65 PAC features unified programming software, scalable hardware, predeveloped functions, reusable code, large memory, and built-in connectivity. Part of the manufacturer’s IndraLogic line, the IEC-compliant panel can be used for general automation, printing, converting, packaging, machine tools, and other functions. The L65 is designed for scalability and comes with eight onboard I/O slots with expandability for up to 512 I/O for more complex machines. Other features include one gigabyte of flash memory to store program data and backup programs and documentation, and an integrated display for settings and diagnostics. Bosch-Rexroth AG, Hoffman Estates, IL; 800 REXROTH;

Custom Conveyor

A custom conveyor now provides box filling. The Box Filling System allows accurate user-defined fill rates at up to 0.3 oz and a smooth transfer of boxes of up to 200 lb in size, according to the manufacturer. The automated system allows for unattended operation with simple control set-up, quick disconnects between conveyors, and an easy-to-read visual indicator on a large graphical LCD display. Utilizing minimal energy resources, the Box Filling System operates on 110V and uses no compressed air. The stand-alone unit offers adjustability to work with any conveyor system and repeatability to within 0.02 lb. Systems are available in widths of 18, 24, and 36 in., are custom sized to application capacity, and include trickle feed for the most accurate weigh filling of boxes. Dynamic Conveyor Corp., Muskegon, MI; 231/798-1483;

Pick-and-Place Robot

A new end-of-line robot is available for pick-and-place functions. The Twinline twin axis robot uses mechanical or suction grippers to pick, stack, or push items. The robot can place products in several positions, allowing flexible cycle times. It can handle maximum loads of 63 kg and can be tailored to a wide range of customer specifications. It is equipped with an ELAU or Siemens SIMOTION control system and reduces pick-and-place motion times to 0.5 seconds and cycles times to less than 2 seconds. It has a maximum hourly output of 20,000 cups per hour in two formats. Oystar A + F Automation, Kirchlengern, Germany; +49 5223 87910;

Sustainable Stretchwrap

A stretchwrapper offers sustainability features and saves space. The small-footprint PEWO-pack 250 compact processes pharmaceutical products at the end of the line. Broad format ranges allow the GMP-compatible machine flexibility. A patented film-splicer and automatic film reel exchange facilitates a continuous flow and an integrable format allows for simple changeover, according to the manufacturer. A multifarious feeding and groupings system makes the machine compatible with multiple lines. Pester USA, Allendale, NJ; 201/327-7009;

Friction Feeder

A new friction feeder offers simple controls, minimal toolless setup, and quick machine maintenance. The Impulse friction feeder runs at a speed of 400 parts per minute or greater, and handles product sizes of up to 12 × 12 in. with a thickness of up to .75 in. The Impulse can process many material types such as sheets, plastic cards, forms, folded documents, envelopes, magazines, brochures, and greeting cards. Customization options are available, including double-feed detection, low-level magazine sensors, batch-counting capability, stack light indicators, warning buzzers, etc. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808;

New Grippers

A company has expanded its long-stroke gripper line. The PEH 2-finger long-stroke gripper series now includes sizes 30 and 50, expanding the application spectrum for this universal gripper. The PEH 50 model’s grippng force can be adjusted to as high as 1400 N with maximum finger lengths of up to 250 mm. A new integrated controller provides programming, preconfiguration, commissioning, and the use of command libraries created for other modules. Schunk Inc.; 800/772-4865;

Tablet Counter and Filler

A new tablet count-and-fill system is available. The Rx-Fill can be configured for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic production runs, and achieves speeds of up to 25 bottles per minute. Touch-screen controls allow programming, and product and container recipes can be saved into memory to speed changeover on production runs. The Rx-Fill counts various product from 2 to 40 mm into a range of containers including round, rectangular, square, and oblong from 1- to 4-in.-high. BellatRx, Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada; 514/630-0939;

Lifter and Discharger

A new lifter is designed to accept loads horizontally, convey them vertically, and discharge them horizontally in a “Z” pattern. The Model 180 continuous vertical lifter features a 6000 lb. unit load capacity with a chain speed of up to 120 ft per minute. The fully automatic unit is capable of lifting loads to heights over 100 feet. No operator intervention is required, except for routine maintenance, and the unit is designed to run nonstop. TKF Inc., Cincinnati; 513/241-5910;

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