The Latest in Films & Foils


A foil offers a company’s patented security solution. CPI Security Foil for pharmaceutical packaging allows for fine-line graphics, text, logos, and micro-features to be applied directly to the surface of aluminum during the rolling process. Images are embedded in the foil and cannot be removed; high-precision laser technology used in the printing process is not readily available on the market, making duplication difficult and adding an extra measure of security and anticounterfeiting. The foil can be used in any aluminum-based applications including push-through blister foil, child-resistant foils, cold-form foil, pouches, sachets, induction seals for bottles, and more. Constantia-Hueck Foils, Blythewood, SC; 803/404-6581;


Laminated Film


A company has expanded a proprietary laminated film line. The Pentapharm Aclar-laminated film line now includes Pentapharm Aclar PA 400 G04 films. These films consist of four layers of PVC/EVOH-PE/Aclar /PVC and are engineered for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical blister packaging applications that require ultra-high moisture and oxygen barrier properties. These films offer oxygen properties that have previously been unavailable in Pentapharm Aclar structures. The G04 films suit products that require ultra-high barrier properties in a transparent, small footprint package, and can fit demanding applications without special tooling because PVC is the contact layer. These films are designed to have excellent lay-flat for superior machinability on standard form-fill-seal packaging lines. Available in transparent or opaque film, moisture and oxygen barrier levels are customizable to meet customers’ packaging requirements. These films are suitable for applications where the package may be exposed to direct UV. Klöckner Pentaplast Group, Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3600;


Child-Resistant Barrier Overwrap


A new line of child-resistant barrier overwrap films is available. Flexi-Free CR products were developed primarily for over-the-counter pharmaceutical applications. They can be utilized by packagers for many overwrap products that require child-resistance but also senior-friendliness. Four standard films comprise the lines, all at a different thickness, stiffness, and toughness. Ampac Packaging LLC, Cincinnati; 513/671-1777;


Strong Two-Ply Film


A patent-pending packaging film that addresses cost and ecofriendliness is on the market. New bMET-blown metallized sealant films replace barrier and sealant layers in typical three-ply structures, creating two-ply laminations that perform like three-plies. Structures with bMET films use 20% less material and cost 10% less than the three-ply laminations they replace, according to the manufacturer. bMET films deliver hermetic polyethylene seals and the barrier equivalent of metallized OPET or metallized OPP in a single film. The films are customizable to achieve targeted oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, stiffness and/or seal characteristics. bMET films can be used in structures for nearly any flexible package format, including premade form-fill-seal standup pouches, stickpacks, and pillow pouches. Bemis Company Inc., Oshkosh, WI; 920/527-2300;




Increased Peelability


A company has created a film with increased peelablility. CP film is a peelable ionomer-based forming film that uses a proprietary peelable resin blend to provide seal integrity and a clean peel opening to uncoated Tyvek. This multilayer, coextruded film features the formability and strength typically associated with ionomer films. This provides a wide forming range and draw-uniformity for easy processing on a variety of thermoform-fill-seal machines and across multiple medical device applications, according to the manufacturer. The traditionally used coated webs improve peelability and eliminate fiber tear when opening. The manufacturer says packaging with peelable CP film offers a lower cost total package compared to forming films mated to coated webs. Mated to uncoated Tyvek top webs, the peelable CP film also allows customers to use shorter EtO sterilization cycle times compared to coated Tyvek top webs due to increased porosity. Amcor Flexibles; 800/447-0049;
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