The Latest in Films and Foils

A leading foil and film converter has created new security foils. Patented CPI security foil was designed for pharmaceutical primary packaging, with fine-line graphics, text, logos, and micro-features applied directly to the surface of the aluminum during the rolling process. The images are embedded in the foil and cannot be removed; the high-precision laser technology responsible for creating it is little known and therefore not easily replicable by counterfeiters, according to the manufacturer. Aluminum-based applications—including push-through blister foil, child-resistant foils, cold-form foil, pouches, sachets, induction seals for bottles—all can use CPI foil. With properties identical to standard foil in thickness, strength, and machineability, no changes in the packaging process or specifications are needed. Constantia Hueck Foils, Blythewood, SC; 803/404-6581;

PVC-Free Film

A company has announced a new range of chloride-free films. The coextruded polypropylene and COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) films provide moisture barrier equivalent to PVDC-coated PVC films and offer up to 40% weight-saving, according to the manufacturer. Upon incineration, the company says, the films release fewer toxins than PVC. Amcor Flexibles, Mundelein, IL; 847/362-9000;



Track-and-Trace Blisters

A new verification technology is available for blisters. Track and Trace is a system that serializes pharmaceutical products with 2-D bar codes, RFID technology, or customized codes to prevent counterfeiting. Individual blisters or bottles can be identified with a code applied via a laser or ink-jet printer, or through RFID tagging. The items then would carry unique serial numbers and other encoded data such as batch number or expiration dates. The company’s VisioTec cameras provide verification, scan, and store the information in a tracking database. Sealing pressure and temperature, forming material type and batch, and inspection camera results can also be integrated on each blister for increased process reliability measures. Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP, Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855;

Precision Sheeter/Splicer

A specialty film, foil, and custom holographic and metallized substrates converter has purchased advanced sheeting machines. Increased demand for custom registered holographic and recyclable packaging and printing materials—including the company’s recyclable UniLustre and holographic UniLustre papers and boards, which can help reduce customers’ carbon footprints—prompted investment in the new equipment. Consumer-product-goods manufacturers will benefit from the manufacturer’s additional production capacity and efficiencies. The ability to run continuously when utilizing the flying splice unwind and automatic offloading functions will enable more production in less time and help fill requests for high-volume quick-turnaround orders. Unifoil Corp., Fairfield, NJ; 973/244-9900;

High-Barrier Film

A company has extended its medical and pharmaceutical high-barrier film product line to a larger market. For applications involving sensitive drugs or flavored strips, PerfecPharm grades 35677-E, 35682-G, and 35689-F utilize aluminum foil and a PET sealant designed to have extremely low interaction with excipients, drugs, and flavorants. Grade 35691 is a clear film with high oxygen and moisture barrier properties. For high protection from interactions, PerfecPharm grade 35435-F uses a Barex sealant. Perfecseal, Oshkosh, WI; 920/303-7300;

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