The Latest in Drug Delivery and Parenteral Packaging

Filler and Crimper

Two high-speed filling, stoppering, and crimping machines are available. The Type 550 machine aseptically fills and stoppers vials and can run directly inline with the Type 551 crimping machine. The servo-driven Type 550 and Type 551 machines maximize production versatility and repeatability and are capable of handling up to 600 vials per minute. Compliant with CGMP guidelines, the separation of the drive from the filling area allows high laminar airflow throughout the stations, according to the manufacturer. Four dosing systems are available: volumetric rotary piston pump, peristaltic pump, time pressure, or mass flow system. The machine also offers an in-process checkweighing capability. Bausch Advanced Technology, Clinton, CT; 860/669-7380;

Multipurpose Cap

A new cap for packaging applications is on the market. The RediMix Cap can be used to reconstitute lyophilized materials, to hold two materials separately until they should be mixed, or to test reactions of unstable liquids. The polypropylene cap holds between 1 and 2 ml of liquid and can be ordered empty or prefilled with water for injection or with a custom liquid. The RediMix Cap allows for a higher level of accuracy than the current process of pipetting and reduces potential for contamination by reducing the number of times the container has to be opened and closed, according to the manufacturer. Wheaton Science Packaging, Millville, NJ; 856/825-1100;

Safe Syringe

A new prefilled syringe protects healthcare workers and patients from needlestick injury. The Safe’n’Sound system offers passive protection because the syringe retracts automatically in the system after injection, avoiding injury and contamination. The syringe system was created in response to concern over unprotected needle exposures and mandated safety and prevention regulation. Rexam, Buffalo Grove, IL; 847/541-9700;

Dosing Tube and Dropper

A dosing tube has a dispensing top to allow for targeted dispensing. The new dosing tube also features the ability to dispense a single drop per squeeze. This unique dispensing system has increased usability and convenience; the tube is virtually unbreakable allowing for easy storage, according to the manufacturer. This environmentally friendly tube is made with lightweight plastic decrease transport cost. It’s also made with recyclable PE and PP plastic which makes recycling a breeze. Continental Packaging Solutions, Chicago; 888/676-5277;

Mixing Closure

A company introduces an ingredient release-and-mix closure. As the Gizmo is opened, pressure in the closure chamber drives a jet of additive into the base product, producing a product ready for immediate use. Benefits include freshness, accurate dosing, product protection, and a longer shelf life. Added attractions to the design include the ability to create—upon mixing—color change, a burst of aroma, or a fresh taste. The system comprises a miniature pressurized injection-molded chamber that operates in combination with various closure designs. The chamber is tailored to hold the required volume of ingredient, and the company ensures product integrity for every ingredient. The Gizmo can accommodate a wide range of container shapes and sizes in both plastic and glass with still or carbonated base liquids. It can also be incorporated into dispensing containers with hand pumps or trigger sprays. Gizmo Packaging Ltd, Renfrew, Scotland; +44 141 8852222;

Improved Patches

A company has improved its transdermal patch production and packaging. The new generation of transdermal patch manufacturing systems (TMS) include capabilities such as multilane operation at speeds of up to 250 products per minute per lane and in-line packaging by a HMI controlled-platen sealing unit. Patches are assembled by the TMS and then transferred to a platen sealer to be packaged into the primary single dose pouches, completing the barrier. Faulty patches or pouches deemed to be unacceptable for manufacture and validation are rejected at the integrated reject station. The system offers the option to integrate product and packaging web printers, vision inspection systems and end-of-line stacking, collating, and cartoning modules. Doyen Medipharm, Lakeland, FL; 863/683-6335;

High-Barrier, Precise Dosing Tube

A new tube is designed to deliver precise doses. The Polyfoil tube is a high-barrier container available for sensitive, pharmaceutical-grade contents. The corrosion-resitant tube protects product from light, moisture, and oxygen. The Pinpoint applicator allows for precise dispensing, and a silicone valve automatically closes, to prevent leaks and to keep contents hygenic. Neopac, Oberdiessbach, Switzerland; 908/604-0132;

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