The Latest in Desiccants

New Desiccant Line

A new line of built-in desiccants is available. A company’s division, the Healthcare Packaging Group, offers canisters, packets, bags, inserts, and tablets for packaging vitamin, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical products. The desiccants fight moisture, oxygen, or other contaminants, and some may be incorporated in the package to monitor humidity, temperature, and liquid conditions. O. Berk Co., Union, NJ; 908/851-9500;


Screw-Cap Bottles

A company introduces a range of desiccated bottles (10–140 cm³) with screw-cap closures. The bottles accommodate traditional CR or non-CR closures and can carry induction seals. The two-shot molded bottles have the manufacturer’s patented desiccant plastic to control relative humidity and its proprietary three-phase polymer technology. CSP Technologies Inc., Auburn, AL; 334/887-8300;


In-Bottle Desiccants

Two in-bottle desiccants minimize packaging. StabilitySolutions Dry and StabilitySolutions Barrier offer moisture barrier, oxygen barrier, and dry headspace. Dry eliminates desiccant sachets by incorporating desiccant in the product contact layer of bilayer coextrusion blow-molded containers. Blow-molded Barrier sandwiches ethylene vinyl alcohol between two layers of HDPE. Alcan Packaging Plastics Americas, Pennsauken, NJ; 856/324-3200;


Flexible Formats

A company offers a desiccant in a wide range of formats. StabilOx come in a variety of delivery formats including compressed shapes, adhesive labels, packets or canisters. Specialty Oxygen Absorbers support several packaging operations; Packets are easily automated and offer excellent oxygen absorption; Canisters and Compressed Sorbents are compatible with high-speed packaging lines; and Labels are recommended for when a low-profile or affixed solution is required. Multisorb, Buffalo, NY; 716/824-8900;


Desiccant Compound

A company recently received regulatory approval for a desiccant polymer compound. DryKeep can be molded into plastic containers or films for products that need moisture protection. It can be sandwiched between layers of other polymers and needs no contact with the environment in order to maintain the humidity required. DryKeep absorbs 100% of its weight in water. Its moisture uptake is controllable, allowing for the targeting of specific internal humidity levels, and will remain active for the entire life of the drug or chemical being packaged, according to the manufacturer. This absorptive control reduces special filling concerns for containers to maintain their active capacity, and the desiccant cannot be discarded like standard desiccants. Products will be protected during transport to the consumer and over the life of the consumer’s use of the product. TricorBraun, St. Louis; 314/569-3633;


Polymer Solution

A company’s product protects against oxygen degradation and oxidation reactions. Polymer Packaging Solutions come in several varieties. The manufacturer’s signature 2AP desiccant polymer material, comes in including hinged-cap tubes, test kits and an array of other products. The company’s tubes and desiccant stoppers protect diagnostic test kits and strips from moisture and breakage. Desiccants can be incorporated directly into the closure to rapidly and thoroughly absorb moisture within the container, extending shelf life and ensuring product integrity. To elevate brand awareness, customized six-color graphics can also be printed directly onto the tubes. Various sizes are available. Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging, 800/989-3374;


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