The Latest in Coding

Ink-Jet Printer
A small-character, continuous ink-jet printer features an ink-circulation system that reportedly reduces fluid consumption and evaporation. The PH Series utilizes a rigid, durable, cast aluminum printhead with automatic nozzle and gutter cleaning, allowing for quick start-ups and less down time, according to its manufacturer. The system is designed to be simple and inexpensive to maintain, thanks to printer filter assemblies accessible from the cabinet front panel and replaceable without the need for any tools. Users do not need to purchase and dispose of expensive ink cartridges. Its stainless-steel cabinet design is rated for industry standard dust and water protection (IP55) for easy integration to production lines. All PH printers are designed and manufactured with European RoHS Directives in mind, the company reports. It offers fluids free of chrome-complex dyes and ethanol-based inks. Hitachi America, Ltd., Industrial Component and Equipment Division, Tarrytown, NY;;

Labeling Software
The latest version of a company’s labeling software includes XML (Extensible Markup Language) support for Oracle enterprise management systems. EasyLabel 5 Platinum’s XML Monitor will keep track of a file directory or TCP/IP port and will automatically print RFID or bar code labels when a compatible XML file is received. This feature provides a direct connection to Oracle or any other application capable of generating a properly formatted XML file. A complimentary trial edition is available for download from the firm’s Web site, as are whitepapers. Tharo Systems Inc., Brunswick, OH; 800/878-6833;;

Laser Coders and More
A family of printing and marking solutions were on display at Pack Expo Las Vegas. The I-Mark Drop-On-Demand large-character ink-jet printers can produce character sizes from 3⁄32 to 5 in., at speeds up to 780 feet per minute. Continuous ink-jet printers utilize large, icon-based, color touch screen interface and single button controls for startup/shutdown. These printers also feature a robust, self-cleaning printhead and have four-line printing capability. Thermal-transfer overprinters offer high-speed, high-resolution printing of variable text, serial numbers, linear and 2-D bar codes, and graphics. The Swing is used for marking onto flexible packaging materials, such as paper or plastic film. The Codi-therm, with its patented design, is used for marking rigid and semirigid materials. The choice of thermal ribbon colors and styles is quite extensive and includes pigmented, metallic, and specialty ribbons for security and anti-counterfeiting. Laser coding systems feature a complete line of CO2 and fiber laser systems to mark in static or continuous mode and onto a variety of materials including glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, foils, and others. Introduced at the show was new high-resolution printer with a PC-based control module, featuring a large, color touch screen interface and real-time operating system. The company’s iDSnet code management software offers a complete window
into facility marking and coding operations. Matthews Marking Products, Pittsburgh, PA; 412/665-2531; www.matthewsmarking.

Thermal-Transfer Printer
Designed for low consumption, a intermittent thermal-transfer printer produces high-resolution images directly on all types of packaging material such as flexible film, labels, and boxes. The EasyPrint ECO offers reliability, productivity, and efficiency while creating text images with up to eight lines high using six customizable font types and seven different font sizes. It features high-speed printing cycles up to 225 mm/second and achieves 300-dpi high-definition output. Precise print head control mechanisms and ribbon drives are utilized, and ribbon changes have been simplified, the company reports. Users can generate new text images without using a PC and preview those images before printing. The system maintains minimal spacing between prints and provides detailed self-diagnostics on input and output. It also employs an automatic warning and failure system. In addition to thermal-transfer printers and coders, the company offers flexographic printers, bar code printers, box printers, and more. Bell-Mark Corp., Pine Brook, NJ; 973/882-0202;

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