The Latest in Bags & Pouches

Plasma Bag Label
A special label is designed to reduce the chances of plasma bag labels failing and makes ice removal unnecessary for blood banks and hospitals. Label construction features adhesives formulated to stick at low temperatures, ensuring that secondary labels can adhere to frozen bags. The Plasma Bag Label is an adhesive system with a protective liner on a primary label that is applied to the bag prior to freezing. When the bag is taken out of the freezer, the protective liner is removed and the secondary self-adhesive label is applied to the exposed adhesive layer, creating an extremely high bond that sticks at low temperatures. The construction is designed to perform through the entire blood-bag process and ensures there is no delamination during centrifugation or other process steps. Plasma Bag Labels are manufactured in Europe and available globally. Avery Dennison,




Pouch-Making Machine
A manufacturer of pouch-making machines offers a system that fabricates chevron and header pouches with Tyvek. The KPL Medical Platen Machine produces chevron pouches with die tooling in six lanes, chevron pouches with thumb notches and hang holes in four lanes, long chevron pouches with separate chevron tip seal head, tape closure attachment for two lanes, and an optional header bag attachment for third web. The compact machine features a main servo for seal control and multiple-zone platen temperature control for the upper platen. It also has skip features for cross-seal stations and punching units as well as print registration for both servo feed drives. A chilling roller system cools large forms and long band production. The company maintains a tech center for operators and has also just developed a new seal inspection system to test seals for stand-up pouch and side gusset bags. This is the first tester that can accurately pressure test the internal seals of a pouch, regardless the volume of air inside the pouch. The Karlville Development Group,

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