The Latest in Bags and Pouches

Solvent-Free Overwrap

A new solvent-free, high-barrier overwrap is now available for pharmaceutical applications. Triad is an extrusion-coated lamination of polyester, aluminum foil, and metallocene, with the manufacturer’s proprietary metallocene-based sealant chemistry. The sealant layer can bond to foil without the use of solvent or water-based materials. Metallocene has been engineered to provide a strong hermetic weld seal in high-speed, chemically sensitive, pharmaceutical applications at a cost-effective price, according to the manufacturer. The structure can be an alternative to adhesive, solventless, and water-based laminations. Rollprint Packaging Products Inc.; 800/276-7629;

Pouch Printer

A new thermal printer prints pouches on demand. The Thermal Printmaster 300 DPI near-edge printer gives the appearance of flexographic printed pouches and offers on-demand product identification. Text, graphics, serialization, and security printing is available for Tyvek, foils, and other flexible packaging material. Existing label software can be used to process media from 4 to 10 in./sec. Direct printing is available for media from 0.5 to 10-in. wide and provides a maximum of 8.5-in.-wide print area. The printer is designed to reduce ribbon use by around 10 mm per impression. The tabletop printer has a steel printing platform, capacity for high-resolution printing, and a stepper motor for automatic feeding of varnished, polished, or porous flat products. About Packaging Robotics, Thornton, CO; 303/449-2559;

Laminate Pouches

A company has applied its lidding technology to pouches. The new Sure-Peel Pouch laminate is created from 92-gauge PET/poly/0.00035 in. foil/poly/cohesive peel proprietary film structure. The high burst strength suits products such as teeth-whitening strips, surgical equipment, and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals such as fast-dissolving medicine film strips. The pouch can be printed with rotogravure or flexographic high-quality printing processes. It maintains seal integrity with product sterilization temperatures as high as 200°F and can run on existing form-fill-seal machinery. Reynolds Flexible Packaging, Richmond, VA; 804/281-2603;

Eco Friendly Film

New 100% degradable PE bags are available. The PE bags degrade when oxidation causes the molecular chain to break down, allowing the material to get brittle. Water can then form a biofilm that attracts microorganisms, which feed of the carbon and hydrogen elements. The proprietary resin blend maintains the barrier properties, sealing qualities, and printing capabilities that pharmaceutical and medical packagers require. Demand from customers seeking environmentally friendly options prompted the manufacturer to create this film, which retains shelf life but breaks down after use. Advanced Poly-Packaging Inc.; 800/754-4403;

Breathable Stand-Up Pouches

A new film pouch with a Tyvek vent is on the market. Breathable Stand-Up pouches were designed for EtO and steam sterilization applications, for 3-D products requiring a stand-up feature and a particulate-free seal and peel. Pouches are constructed of PET/PE or nylon/PE film laminates and are available with either tear or peel opening features. Amcor Flexibles, Mundelein, IL; 847/362-9000;

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