Labels for All Purposes

To get information across in an instant, use a label.

Labels ensure that clients, as well as a company's employees, are not misinformed. There are labels that come off easily and leave no residue, labels that tear when they're tampered with, and labels that double as hangers. Because they provide a quick, effective way to communicate information, labels are abundant with a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials.

An IV hang-label system eliminates the need for a plastic cap hanger or sling. The hang labels provide high-quality product identification, instruction, and vertical bottle suspension. The labels are designed to increase line speeds and automation and to lower shipping weight and costs. Pharmaceutical Applications Group, Tapecon Inc., Rochester, NY.

Recording labels are designed to monitor temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Hot Spot labels, designed for high-speed automated applications, provide a permanent color change from white to black when exposed to the rated temperature. They are marked in Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures and are available
in 10°F increments from 100° to 350°F. Hot Spot labels are accurate to ±1–2%, depending on the rated value. Telatemp Corp., Fullerton, CA.

A brochure outlines the products and services provided by a custom printer of pressure-sensitive labels and flexible packaging. The company has complete control over art, plates, film, die-cutting, and finishing. Full-color flexographic printing capabilities and a maximum label size of 17.5 x 24 in. allow many options for the customer. Napco Graphics Corp., Bloomingdale, IL.

A line of labels, tags, and ribbon products is designed for use with a company's thermal-transfer printing systems. The Techno Therm products include hundreds of face stock and ribbon combinations, all made from high-quality materials and fully tested to match virtually any labeling requirement. The line also includes an extensive offering of stock products and linerless labels. Sato America Inc., Sunnyvale, CA.

An expanded selection of labels helps companies identify any product or package. Packaging labels call attention to package handling requirements and reduce product damage. Suffocation labels caution parents to keep plastic bags and sheeting away from children. Inventory labels are suitable for inventory monitoring, internal warehouse auditing, and quality control tracking. Associated Bag Co., Milwaukee, WI.

Pressure-sensitive labels made of paper and film are designed for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers a multipart pressure-sensitive label that includes multiple face slits within a label to allow for several uses; for example, one portion may be applied to a shipping container and another to a test kit. Other labels can withstand the extremely high temperatures encountered in autoclaving or EtO sterilization. Weber Marking Systems Inc., Arlington Heights, IL.

A permanent, removable label eliminates adhesive residue. The label materials are durable, yet remove cleanly to meet the demands of medical or surgical manufacturing or packaging. The bonding system remains stable throughout its life without significantly increasing or decreasing its adhesive properties. Labels can be removed from most surfaces with little or no residue, reducing the need for solvents. 3M Industrial Tape and Specialties Div., St. Paul, MN.

Clinical trial labels are specifically designed for use by clinical supply departments for the computer printing of clinical study labels. The company can supply labels from an in-house inventory or provide custom labels, ensuring that the customer obtains the correct size, configuration, face sheet, ink, adhesive, and liner material. Clinical Systems Inc., Garden City, NY.

A catalog of labels called the "Label Material Selection Guide" is designed to aid in the selection of labeling materials. The guide contains a list of label materials and their performance specifications, and is especially useful for companies that require unique materials to solve labeling applications. Label materials are sorted by categories; more than 95 labels (including the vial labels shown in photo) are listed. Imtec Inc., Bellows Falls, VT.

Tamper-evident calibration labels are nearly impossible to remove. The labels are made from a destructible polyester label stock combined with an aggressive adhesive. Any effort to peel away the label will result in a torn, jagged appearance. This discourages staff from tampering with equipment calibration adjustments. The company offers a catalog called "Quality Systems Labels from the Good Manufacturing Practices Experts." United Ad Label Company, Inc., Brea, CA.

A company offers labeling systems that help companies comply with GMP and ISO 9000 requirements. In-stock labels identify material and device status. Other signs identify controlled areas in laboratory and production lines. Custom labels can be shipped in 48 hours. The company offers a catalog called "The GMP Labeling System." GMP Labeling Inc., Sunnyvale, CA.

Seven labeling films including clear, matte clear, white, and silver films coated with high-performance acrylic adhesive are offered by a company that makes coated papers, films, and foils. The clear polyester liner provides an easy, consistent release with no silicone offset. Clear face stocks create a no-label look, while matte clear face stocks are designed for improved ink adhesion. The white films are available in glossy and matte versions, and silver face stock creates a shiny appearance. Green Bay Packaging Inc., Green Bay, WI.

A combination label and product hanging device allows containers to be hung in point-of-purchase displays. The HangTab eliminates the cost of a five-panel hole-punched carton. Supplied in roll form for easy automatic application, HangTabs are strong and tear resistant. They can include a printed product billboard and can be customized to best present or promote products. Pharmagraphics Inc., Itasca, IL.

Labels for a variety of uses are available from a company that specializes in labels and adhesives. Among those offered are Pharmacomb standard labels, Pharmacomb IL ampule labels, Pharmatac hanger labels, and Pharmainsert label booklets. The company also produces devices that attach dosage aids, such as swabs, to containers. Hardware, software, label application machines, and scanning stations are available. Schreiner, Oberschleißheim, Germany.

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