Labelers Become More Efficient, Versatile, and Economical

Always evolving, labelers have become so versatile that they can operate in almost any environment and print on almost any surface.

Thermal-transfer, direct thermal, or preprinted labels may be printed and applied with a labeler that works at speeds up to 120 labels per minute. The Model 1360 Loose Loop labeler prints text, bar codes, and graphics on labels up to 4 x 4 in. Print resolution is up to 300 dpi. Griffin-Rutgers Company, Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY.


A high-speed wrap labeler uses a brushless servomotor to achieve speeds of 300 bottles per minute. The HSL 1000 features dual unwinds and an automatic waste removal system. The system is designed to maximize throughput of round containers. Superior Machine Systems, Mason, OH.


Product and carton coding can be achieved with a high-resolution ink-jet system. The line of LegiJet printers can produce text, bar codes, graphics, and logos on almost any surface at 200 dpi. The units can combine large- and small-character printing in one to four separate lines of code while maintaining production speeds of up to 200 ft/min. Weber Marking Systems, Arlington Heights, IL.


A printer-applicator provides a rugged but economical labeling solution. The L2500PA is a high-quality, economically priced print-and-apply system that uses industry standard OEM print engines. The L2500PA is offered with Sato, Zebra, or Datamax OEM print engines at either 203 or 305 dpi. Marsh, a Videojet Co., Belleville, IL.


A rotary bottle labeler is equipped with three self-adhesive dispensing heads for the high-speed orientation and labeling of oval, flat, and round bottles made of plastic, glass, or metal. Neri's RO1200 3T rotary bottle labeler is constructed of stainless steel and is designed to function in-line with other machines. A PLC machine management system allows consistent performance. Marchesini Packaging, West Caldwell, NJ.


Printers for form-fill-seal packaging machines are servo driven. The FlexPrint in-line printer offers a patented geared "S" wrap drive and servo control, allowing for cycle speeds up to 35 cycles per minute without stress on the seals. Maglock printing plates mounted on the printing cylinder offer quick message changes. Bell-Mark Sales Co., Pine Brook, NJ.


Utilizing vector steering techniques for exact laser control, the Lasetec laser printer offers automatic verification of the print and automatic beam control. The Lasetec produces letters, bar codes, and graphics for package printing and coding. The unit offers a choice of font styles and print sizes from 1 to 50 mm high with no requirement for change parts. Industrial Dynamics International Inc., Torrance, CA.


A printer for intermittent-motion webs fills the need for a compact hot-stamp machine capable of imprinting areas up to 1 x 1¼ in. on flexible webs. The cassette-loading 2401 Wrapaprinta places clear messages on almost any flexible web stock during the packaging process. It is especially suited for imprinting bar codes, symbols, product identification, pricing, code dating, and other product information. Adolph Gottscho Inc., Union, NJ.


A high-speed hot-stamp imprinter is suited for printing changing information, such as lot numbers, production codes, prices, and dates. The RS-1100 produces up to 400 messages per minute within a 1 x 1 in. area. The unit's compact, sturdy design allows easy installation in tight locations on a wide variety of packaging and labeling machines. Norwood Marking Systems, Downers Grove, IL.


Designed in response to the latest GMP requirements, a labeler can accommodate small and large round glass or plastic containers and vials. The Excel Star runs at speeds up to 200 units per minute. Features include a positive container alignment system, on-line label reconciliation and validation, and an integrated touch screen to control all functions including the printer and bar code reader. Romaco Inc., Morris Plains, NJ.


Printing directly on premade pouches, bags, and flats, a labeling system gives the appearance of a preprinted pouch. The Thermal Printmaster can print on Tyvek as well; the unit can produce messages on flat stock from 1.25 to 6 in. wide at a resolution of 300 dpi. The Thermal Printmaster comes standard with an automatic ribbon saver. About Packaging Robotics Inc., Boulder, CO.


A pressure-sensitive labeling system is designed to apply oriented, nonoriented, partial-wrap, and full-wrap labels to empty squeeze tubes. The Model 350MW labeler is an off-line, stand-alone unit that features a microprocessor-controlled logic system, a high-speed clear label sensor, and a six-position indexing turret. The system ensures that each step of the product handling and labeling cycle is completed before the next step takes place. Accraply, Plymouth, MN.


A high-speed printer-applicator is designed for batch labeling applications on conveyor lines. The ALX-720 system, an industrial-grade printer and applicator, prints bar codes, graphics, and text on pressure-sensitive labels and automatically applies the printed labels to products, boxes, and cartons. The system can apply up to 400 labels per minute. Avery Dennison, Philadelphia, PA.


A manufacturer of carbon dioxide laser engraving, cutting, and marking systems offers a 50-W, air-cooled laser engraving and cutting system at an economical cost. The laser system contains a 24 x 12 in. work area. Universal Laser Systems Inc., Scottsdale, AZ.

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