Institute of Packaging Professionals Honors Packagers



The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP; Naperville, IL) announced its 2007 AmeriStar Award winners on January 15. The 28 winning packages were chosen by the awards’ 15 judges across a range of packaging categories. The winners were judged against more than 100 submissions on package innovation, sustainability, protection, economics, performance, and marketing.

MeadWestvaco’s Shellpak houses blister cards in an F=1 child-resistant, award-winning package.

Awards were given to two pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers MeadWestvaco Health & Beauty Packaging (Richmond, VA) and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (Madison, NJ). Another was given for medical-device packaging to manufacturer Perfecseal (Oshkosh, WI).

The antihypertensive medication Clonidine won for its use of MeadWestvaco Health & Beauty Packag­ing’s Shellpak. Clonidine manu- facturer Mylan Pharmaceuticals (Pittsburgh) chose Shellpak to comply with retailer Wal-Mart’s directive for suppliers to provide cost-effective patient-adherence packaging.

“Shellpak’s ability to promote adherence, to assemble on high-speed fulfillment equipment, and to reduce in-pharmacy costs made it an ideal and cost-effective choice for this generic drug application for Wal-Mart,” says Ken Bertram, MeadWestvaco Healthcare Packaging director of sales. “Wal-Mart has committed to use Shellpak as one of its standard adherence package formats for generic prescriptions in its in-store pharmacies.”

Shellpak is a secondary pharma­ceutical package for unit-dose medications consisting of a labeled, injection- molded high-impact polystyrene shell that is permanently attached to a foil-backed blister pack. It promotes adherence, is child resistant and senior friendly, assembles on automated fulfillment equipment, and reduces in-house pharmacy errors and costs, the judges declared.

“As a complete unit-dose pack, Shellpak eliminates the need for a pharmacist to count pills when filling a prescription, [thereby] reducing in-pharmacy costs and allowing pharm­acists to spend more time consulting with patients,” Bertram says.

Shellpak earned the highest child-safety rating for pharmaceutical packages, F=1, the company says; the product also maintains the highest senior-friendly rating.

The Clonidine Shellpak is a 30-count unit-dose package with tablets in four rows. Its blisters are printed with dosing dates and times to promote adherence. The product attempts to ensure that instructional and dosing information provided with the medication stays with the medication until completely consumed.

The second pharmaceutical packaging award was given to Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for its ClickCase custom tablet dispenser. The device promotes patient compliance while conveniently dispensing its product. For its Lybrel female oral contraceptives, Wyeth uses the ClickCase, which features a pill window and day indicator. After dispensing a pill, the device automatically advances to the next day’s pill and indicator.

The medical device division prize was awarded to Perfecseal for its universal thermoform sterile barrier packaging system, which, the judges stated, provides superior protection for multiple orthopedic devices while consolidating 300 devices into two tray systems. The packages’ design also offers a small carbon footprint.

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