Innovative inserts & outserts

Companies accommodate growing text with multipanel and expanded-content labels. 

Giant Outserts


A company has developed an outsert that has 1232 sq in. of copy space and 100 panels. It has a flat size of 16 ¥ 38.5 in. and folds to 1.75 ¥ 3.875 in. It is used for a nine-language outsert that is side-mounted on a bottle. The company’s regular outsert capabilities are up to six colors, all paper stocks, bar code verification and scanning, and customized enclosure trays. For right-turn angle folds, the outserts feature up to 16.9 ¥ 39-in. sheet size, up to 1232 sq in. of copy space, and a minimum fold size of 1.125 ¥ 1.125 in. For ribbon folds, the outserts are up to 9 ¥ 39-in. sheet size and fold down to 1.125 ¥ 1 in. Creative Press, Evansville, IN; 812/429-1500, ext. 332;


A content-flexible, multipage pressure-sensitive leaflet label is designed to add significant copy space to accommodate multiple languages and increased product or promotional messages. Fix-a-Form stays affixed to the package and is conveniently accessible multiple times. It is applied using current labelers without impacting packaging line speeds. Single or layered security features can be added to Fix-a-Form as part of a brand owner’s overall anticounterfeiting strategy. The NOSCO Printing Group Inc., Waukegan, IL; 847/360-4837;

Inserts and Outserts

A company prints and folds package inserts and outserts for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Inserts and outserts are printed and converted in up to eight colors, using sheet-fed or web offset presses. Package inserts are printed and folded for use with in-line cartoners and blister packaging equipment. Inserts are folded to meet the tolerances of various automatic inserting equipment. Outserts, which are applied to bottles during filling operations, are folded to a variety of finished sizes and styles. Pharmagraphics, Greensboro, NC; 336/668-4242 ext. 275;


A company’s multipanel labels are suitable for delivering ingredients, side- effect lists, and usage and dosage instructions, enabling customers to eliminate the need for inserts or cartons and provide a cost-effective solution meeting FDA regulations. Features of the company’s operation include a secure pharma room complete with vision system inspection and GMPs, two-ply and multipanel label capability including extended-text labels required for compliance, and audited records by pharmaceutical companies. Labelad Ltd., Markham, ON, Canada; 905/943-6629;

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