Industry People


Lansmont Corp.

(Monterey, CA) has appointed Eric Joneson as general manager for the company's technical service division. He will be responsible for ensuring the quality of Lansmont's deliverable services and contribution to the betterment of common testing protocols. In addition, Dave Huntley assumed the responsibility of product manager for the company's instruments division. He will ensure ongoing instrument product development and manufacturing.

Alloyd Co. (Dekalb, IL) has named executive vice president Ron Leach as president and chief executive officer. Edwin Parkinson, former president, has been promoted to chairman.

John P. Merritt has launched Merritt Myers Inc. (Plano, TX), a packaging consultancy that will focus on the medical device industry. Areas of focus include packaging development and implementation, problem solving, and international management. Other areas of service are management of capital projects, due diligence and technology assessment, and expert witness testimony.

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