H.P. Mile Upgrades Label Inspection


Label printer H.P. Mile (Syracuse, NY) has upgraded label inspection with the fleyeVision Pharma Control System from AB Graphic International (Elgin, IL).

The system performs inspection of labels using a digital line scan camera.Continuously photographed labels are processed in a computer where they are compared to a PDF file or a previously learned master image.

When a flaw is detected, the machines stops the defective image to a defined position and displays it on a touch screen, enabling the operator to verify the defect and take corrective action.

H.P. Mile integrated the system on an Omega SR1300 Slitter/Rewinder line, and has purchased an additional system to upgrade a second pharmaceutical label converting line after its acquisition last year of TLF Medical Graphics, says Michael Brady, president and owner, H. P. Mile.

The Pharma Control system upgrades an earlier fleyeVision unit the company was using.

“We inspect the entire label at a higher resolution than in our first model. The system takes the human error portion out of the process, allowing us to send out 100% flaw-free labels. Our customers are very happy with it,” Brady says.

Labels go to the slitter/rewinder with integrated inspection station after flexo printing. After reference images are programmed in and printer tolerances determined, parameters can be defined for higher or lower sensitively on various label elements. The system is progressively taught to indicate if a flaw is acceptable.

Brady said H.P. Mile is inspecting interleaved 2 of 5 linear bar codes for a veterinary product customer. “For a potential customer looking to comply with the new e-pedigree rules, we will have the capability to print and inspect variable DataBar and 2-D codes.”


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