High-Strength Films

Durable films offer protection and enhance branding.



A high-barrier metallized film eliminates delamination during package opening, provides advanced oxygen and moisture-barrier protection, and offers good cold-seal bonding. In addition, PC-2's enhanced delamination prevention and puncture resistance provide end-users with enhanced brand integrity. The polypropylene film accepts converting on both sides and can be surface printed. In addition, the film's low metal content and good metal adhesion enable accurate metal detection during and after the packaging process. Toray Plastics (America) Inc., North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511; www.torayfilms.com

PVC Films

A company has commissioned an advanced pharmaceutical-grade PVC films calender at its Cambridge, ON, Canada plant. The plant has been the main supplier of laminate-grade PVC film for the in-house production of the company's PVC Aclar and VapoShield laminates. The PurePlast Division offers advantages such as water-clear, crystal-quality film; minimal flow lines and visual distortion; gauge control for true blisters; adherence to CGMP and ISO standards; and a DMF-registered pharma standards CFR 21 plant. Tekni-Films, a Tekni-Plex Company, Somerville, NJ; 908/722-4800; www.tekni-films.com


A thin-gauge polypropylene is designed for labeling glass and rigid containers. The 1.6-mil polypropylene with a clear topcoat fulfills the need for a lower-cost alternative to the traditional 2-mil product. Reduced caliper affords a higher yield of throughput on the same size roll, increasing cost savings. The film is available with a wide range of adhesives and release liners to meet specific converting and end-use requirements. It has good clarity and high-gloss characteristics, making it suitable for creating the no-label look on clear and colored containers. It also resists deterioration caused by moisture, humidity, and exposure to product. The film is topcoated to optimize printability, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of flexographic, rotary letterpress, and rotary screen ink systems. Flexcon Company, Inc., Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; www.flexcon.com.  

Pentapharm M-576/41

A line of regular and high-shrink transverse-direction oriented films has been extended to include a new FDA-compliant and DMF-listed vinyl shrink-sleeve film for pharmaceutical applications. The film alleviates concerns for potential migration of 
label material ingredients into the pharmaceutical product. Pentapharm M-576/41 vinyl shrink film is engineered with 56% transverse-direction shrinkage properties and is designed for direct product contact, such as full-body shrink-sleeves and tamper-evident bands, pursuant to FDA guidelines. The film has uniform shrinkage and good ink adhesion properties for high-performance printing and application. Klockner Pentaplast of America Inc., Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3600; www.kpfilms.com

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