High-Speed Form-fill-seal equipment

Versatile machines increase production output and ensure package integrity.


A vertical form-fill-seal machine is suitable for powders, granulates, creams, ointments, gels, and transdermal patches. It operates at 70 strokes per minute on a web having a width of up to 400 mm. The machine can also transfer and count pouches into predefined stacks and cartons. The MS235 is equipped with easy splicing features and a double shaft-driven feed system to minimize reel replacement time. The automatic jaw opening eliminates foil and product damage at the machine shop. In addition to mechanical couplings, the machine features pneumatic system assistance to obtain optimum pressure and a tight seal. Marchesini Packaging, West Caldwell, NJ; 973/475-7445; mpmagent@mpmagent.com.

A form-fill-seal packaging machine provides solutions to the medical industry. Companies can access production lines from a remote location via the Internet as well as monitor line speed, downtime, production rates, and other crucial data. The N2500 packaging machine is de-signed to address customer needs in controls, functionality, and regulatory requirements. Prevalidation and process development are provided to all of the company’s medical customers, allowing a shorter start-up for in-house validation. Harpak/Hooper Engineering, Easton, MA; 800/813-6644; www.harpak.com.

A thermoform-fill-seal rollstock sys-tem packages syringes, catheters, and other medical devices in high volumes, producing 600–1000 packs per minute, depending on film gauge/type and package size/shape. This system incorporates Allen- Bradley controls for easy integration in production lines and seamless interface with automatic loaders and assembly equipment. The R530 is versatile with web widths of 320–650 mm and is equipped with customized dies for a variety of medical device profiles. It provides plant management with remote observation and diagnostic capabilities via the Internet allowing technical and supervisory personnel outside the plant to diagnose and resolve technical issues. Multivac Inc., Kansas City, MO; 816/ 891-0555; www.multivac.com.

Sureflow Model 8000
A thermoform-fill-seal machine produces packaging at rates of more than 30 cycles per minute. The Model 8000 uses advanced servo systems to provide a precise, smooth index with fingertip control of acceleration, deceleration, and speed. The servo system has a programmable logic controller (PLC) with provision for data acquisition and report generation as well as an ability to store parameters for multiple packages. The modular stainless-steel open framework provides access to all maintenance areas, and the electrical cabinet and control system are designed for use in a washdown environment. To maximize the customer’s package configuration and to minimize waste, the machine is built with movable inner frames to accept any web width up to 24 in. Mahaffy & Harder Engineering Co., Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-4004; www.mahaffy-harder.com.

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