High-Speed blister machinery

Systems fill and seal blister packs with ease. 


TBlister Express Center

A compact, fully integrated packaging system combines all the elements of the company's UPS 1010 thermoformer, C 2065 cartoner, and E 3006 banding machine in modular form. The Blister Express Center was specifically designed to provide seamless, fast production for either small pharmaceutical or nutritional companies, or as an ancillary line for a larger company's smaller production lots. It offers the speed and economy of operation that allow for continual stop-and-go operations for both small- and large-scale production. Uhlmann Packaging Systems Inc., Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855; www.uhlmannpackaging.com

Blister Feed Systems

A company manufactures feed systems for blister packaging applications. The products are randomly fed into a tray. Through the tray's movement, the tablets are oriented in an upright position and introduced into the individual fill tubes. A twin-shuttle system with pins always releases a single product via a drop-chute into the blister cavities. A variety of feed frames and accessories are available for numerous feeding applications. The XYZ feed frame series is usually installed onto the machine frame of the blister packer, thus allowing faster blister-tool changes without removal of the feed system. The two cantilevered arms support and operate the feeder change parts. Feeder insert removal from the feed frame and installation take seconds and do not require any hand tools. All individual items are marked clearly for speedy change of components and assembly. Different products or changes in blister layouts may require partial or completely new feeder inserts. Aylward Enterprises Inc., New Bern, NC; 252/633-5757; www.aylward.com

BP Series

A series of blister machines is designed to provide manufacturers with convenience, ease of operation, and regulatory compliance. The balcony style design of the BP series separates the mechanics of the machines from the drives, eliminating product clogs caused by particulate generation and dust. The machines are completely driv- en by independent servos so that sealing times and feeding times can be adjusted without affecting the rest of the cycle. In addition, the BP series' positive transfer system ensures that blisters are always guided and transported through the machine in a continuous controlled fashion to eliminate the potential for jamming. IWKA PacSystems, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575; www.iwkapacsystems.com

Blister Card Machine

The company's third generation of blister card machines has a modular design and flexibility for size changeover. One of the machines handles and folds heat-sealed blister cards. Another offers an in-line fully automated hot-melt glue alternative. In a typical application, a blister card con- figuration module transfers blister cards from the last station of the customer's existing blister card heat sealer and arranges the cards for in-line processing. The second station is the gluing and sealing module, followed by the card-folding module, which automatically folds the cards at speeds up to 300 cards per minute. Change parts are designed as toolless subassemblies for quick, reliable, repeatable changeovers. MGS Machine Corp., Maple Grove, MN; 763/425-8808; info@mgsmachine.com

Carded and Walleting Systems

A high-speed carded and walleting packaging system and heat-sealing equipment address the multilayer chipboard construction used in development of selective-seal, perforated-window, and multiple-door pharma- ceutical packaging. The company's designs combine greater sealing pressures with a unique heating system to penetrate multilayer child-resistant constructions while preventing sealing of selected areas and protecting the tablet or capsule from excessive heat exposure. Processing uses minimal tooling, reducing tool-up costs. Production speeds can approach 300 pieces per minute while delivering the tamper-resistant and antipirating protection achievable with traditional heat-seal adhesives. Zed Industries Inc., Vandalia, OH; 937/667-8407; www.zedindustries.com

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