High-Performance wrappers & cartoners

Secondary packaging machines offer quick speeds and easy operation.


An entry-level, low-profile, semiautomatic turntable stretch wrapper has a maximum-load weight capacity of 400 lb and a turntable rotation speed of 9 rpm. According to the company, the Vectra unitizes pallet loads quickly and efficiently, and provides an alternative to manually wrapping loads. It is suitable for low-throughput operations and uses the company�s EconoStretch film carriage. The operator places a load on the turntable, attaches the film to the load, and pushes a button on the simple control panel. The film is stretched between an adjustable brake roller and the load as it is applied. Once the machine finishes wrapping, the film tail can be cut and easily secured to the load. The turntable features an automatic chain tensioner, eliminating the need for periodic tensioning. Orion Packaging Systems, Collierville, TN; 800/333-6556; www.orionpackaging.com
MA 150 Cartoner

A series of cartoners is available in both intermittent and continuous- motion models to accommodate a wide range of pharmaceutical products and components. With a balcony design for ease of operator use, full accessibility, and simplified component reconciliation, the cartoner has a small footprint and minimal change parts. It also features an oscillating carton-erection system, reducing particulate contamination. All drive mechanisms in the series are in a constant oil bath that eliminates the need for routine lubrication while greatly reducing operating noise levels. Marchesini Packaging Machinery, West Caldwell, NJ; 973/575-7445; www.marchesini.com

Revolution IP

A full-servo poly wrapper is available for difficult-to-handle products. The wrapper is designed to transfer products directly onto the film web that is presented to the film-forming plow from beneath the product infeed conveyor. This configuration provides the ability to handle a wide variety of products that could not ordinarily be controlled on a conventional upright horizontal wrapper. The machine features a sanitary modular design with cantilevered components and is designed to operate at speeds up to 200 ppm with a standard sealing head. Allen-Bradley servomotor and drive controllers combined with a ControlLogix 5000-series PLC provide control of machine functions. Servomotors with timing-belt drives to the cutting head, film feed roll, film tubing section, and infeed conveyor provide reliable, maintenance-free operation. Campbell Wrapper Corp., De Pere, WI; 920/983-7100; www.campbellwrapper.com

Carton Packaging Machines

A supplier of packaging machines is the exclusive representative for the sales, installation, and service of automatic carton packaging machines from the French company, Paker. The machines can accommodate virtually any type of pack and configuration for bottles, cans, trays, cups, jars, plastic pots, etc., and feature ease of operation along with an ergonomic design and high-efficiency components. With output ranges from 20 to 350 packs per minute, the machines are capable of packing 3, 4, and 6 sides; 1 or 2 rows; and 1, 2, or 3 layers with either hot-melt glue or locking-type closing. Pester USA, Allendale, NJ; 201/327-7009; www.pester.com

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