Haste, No Waste

A contract tube filler expands to expedite order turnaround, delivering a packaging format that wastes very little product.

OraTech, a contract manufacturing and packaging company, has recently added two more Norden high-speed tube filling machines to its full-service operation. The firm serves medical, dental, nutraceutical, and over-the-counter healthcare product marketers.

Expanding its tube-filling capabilities was necessary in order to meet customer demand. According to Michael Anderson, manager of contract manufacturing/packaging/consumer products, “the ability to offer quick turnaround is essential.”

Tube packaging appears to be favored over some other formats in the marketplace. “In general, we find that consumers are more comfortable with tubes versus pumps or other canisters,” says Anderson. “Tubes make the consumer feel that they are maximizing the amount of product they are able to extract.”

Consumers may find tubes appealing because they can access nearly all package contents. Consumers may also perceive such complete product use to be a bit greener. “With the ‘green’ movement, end consumers are looking at packaging a little more closely because it is the most obvious form of waste,” Anderson observes. “This is why tubes continue their popularity because the perception of product waste is minimal, the packaging is relatively sustainable, and products in tubes have generally longer buying cycles (unlike water bottles, for example).”

Manufacturer demand includes a range of tube sizes. “Most tube requests range anywhere from 0.5 oz to as large as 8.0 oz,” he adds. “There aren’t any particular trends in size as much as being able to accommodate specific size requests quickly.”

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