HAPA Offers Fully Digital Label and Carton Printing Systems

For full process color digital printing, HAPA (www.hapa.ch) has introduced the HAPA 800 LabelJet for labels and the Universal Carton Printer UCP336 for cartons. The printing systems utilize piezo inkjet drop-on-demand technology with solvent-free UV-curing inks.

In the printing of precut, self-adhesive labels, the HAPA 800 can be integrated in line with a conventional labeling machine or used in reel-to-reel mode which allows several labeling lines to be supplied by one printer. The Universal Carton Printer uses the same digital print technology and can also be fitted in line with the cartoning process or be fitted with a re-stacker for the printed cartons.

The modular machine design supports meeting different printing requirements. Flexographic or digital print stations can be mixed and matched to provide the greatest flexibility coupled with the lowest running costs, says Steve DiAngelis, director, HAPA North America. “For small to medium sized batches, on-demand full digital printing provides the most flexibility and is the most economical.”

HAPA focuses on the needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry with turnkey solutions that include GMP machine designs, documentation, validation procedures, and software design structured around pharmaceutical packaging, DiAngelis says

“Our target market is the pharmaceutical industry which is looking to increase flexibility and decrease packaging costs by bringing the printing in-house and in-line with the packaging process, whether it be for labels, cartons, or blister lidding material. This can be achieved by using our UV Flexo and/or full digital printing solutions. The closer you bring the printing to the point of labeling or cartoning, the more flexibility you have to meet last minute production schedule changes,” he adds.

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