GlaxoSmithKline Treatment for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Shows Promise

The firm reports that physicians are highly satisfied with the treatment’s clinical response.

BioTrends Research Group, one of the world’s leading research and advisory firms for specialized biopharmaceutical issues, finds that physicians currently using GlaxoSmithKline/Human Genome Science’s Benlysta (belimumab) for their moderate-to-severe SLE patients are highly satisfied with its clinical response. Surveyed rheumatologists rate their satisfaction with Benlysta an 8.4 on a scale of 1 to 10 (‘1’ is ‘Not at all satisfied’ and ‘10’ is ‘Extremely satisfied’), which was the highest rating compared to other immunosuppressants used to treat lupus. Benlysta was approved by the FDA in March of last year, which is the first newly approved agent for SLE in approximately 50 years. The findings come from the recent, ChartTrends: Lupus US report in which 184 rheumatologists in the United States were surveyed and reported on a total of 1,044 moderate-to-severe SLE patient charts; 175 charts were for Benlysta patients.

Despite their high satisfaction ratings for Benlysta, close to half of rheumatologists participating in this study feel that their moderate-to-severe patients are optimally managed with the currently available therapies for SLE, indicating an unmet need for new therapies to treat these patients remains high. Over two-thirds of rheumatologists feel that Benlysta is an important advance for their patients with moderate-to-severe SLE and that the use of Benlysta should allow for more patients to have a steroid-free regimen, which the majority of physicians agree would have significant value. “Even though Benlysta is not a first-line therapy and is used much later in the treatment algorithm, physicians are glad to have another treatment option in their armamentarium”, says Greta Unger, Therapeutic Class Director at BioTrends Research Group.
In addition to the ChartTrends: Lupus US report, BioTrends has a full complement of reports focusing on lupus treatment in the United States: TreatmentTrends: Lupus U.S., PatientTrends: Lupus U.S., LaunchTrends: Benlysta Wave 4 U.S. (1 year post-launch) and TreatmentTrends: Lupus EU.
ChartTrends: Lupus U.S. is an annual, quantitative publication based on patient and laboratory data collected from 1,044 SLE patient charts in the U.S. It is designed to compare what physicians self-report about disease management to what actually occurs at the patient level. The reports provide insight into the factors that drive decisions to treat, brand selection of SLE therapies, patient characterizations, and dosing trends among rheumatologists. Through an in-depth review of specific patient charts, details such as product initiation, switching, concomitant medications, acute flare management, and patient demographic variables help define patient types and identify therapy drivers. Patient profiles for the marketed SLE treatments as well as products in late stage clinical development for SLE are characterized.
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Source: BioTrends Research Group via Business Wire
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