Functional, Formable Films

Designed for strength, clarity, or flash, films can offer protection and draw attention.

Films can be functional or flashy, thin or thick, clear or opaque. Their forms match their many purposes—a strong film may be a device's only protection, while a shrink film may offer tamper evidence or simply add sparkle to the product on the shelf. Other films use glitter or holographic designs to allow one product's label to stand out from the others. Manufacturers offer standard films as well as custom styles to meet the specialized needs of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

A flexible film was developed specifically for use with uncoated Tyvek-brand spunbonded olefin and uncoated paper top webs. The FlexForm P formable bottom web eliminates the need for coated Tyvek or paper. The sealant material produces smooth, peelable seals that provide a visible indicator of seal integrity. Available in thicknesses from 4 to 10 mil, FlexForm P is suitable for EtO sterilization. Packages made from a combination of FlexForm P and uncoated Tyvek or paper offer breathability and the potential to reduce EtO cycle time and sterilization creep. Rollprint Packaging Products Inc., Addison, IL.

Glitter, foil, and prism films are suitable for packaging and labeling. Tru-Color films offer high gloss and satin matte finishes. Sparkle-Brite is a line of glitter films. Other film styles include Multi-Lens repeating Fresnel lens patterns, Safe-Glo phosphorescent films, and Diffracto-Lite metalized prism and holographic films. The company also offers technology transfer programs, providing equipment and materials for hot stamping, thermal die-cutting, holographic replication, electroform sciences, and holographic mastering. Coburn Corp., Lakewood, NJ.

A high-performance shrink film can be used for overwraps and multipacks. Reynolon 5044 film offers scuff resistance, low shrink and sealing temperatures, and clarity. The film is designed to work on existing high-speed automatic, semiautomatic, or manual equipment. Film products with tamper-evident protection are also available. Special printing techniques will compensate for shrinkage, creating accurate graphics without distortion. Reverse printing is available. Reynolds Industrial Films, Richmond, VA.

A nylon forming film is designed for medical packaging. PerfecFlex Ice offers puncture resistance and a higher material yield than EVA/Surlyn/ EVA films, according to the company. The nylon component is strong enough to protect devices with sharp protrusions. Made from a proprietary coextrusion process, Ice can be used with top webs such as coated Tyvek, PerfeCraft coated papers, and PerfecFlex peelable barrier films. Perfecseal, Philadelphia, PA.

A manufacturer of polymer-based rigid films is expanding its product range by adding high-quality films that have excellent optical clarity, very good barrier properties, and effective temperature resistance. The Topas films are especially suited for pharmaceutical packaging. The company offers an extensive assortment of packaging films to pharmaceutical companies. Kalle Pentaplast GmbH, Montabaur, Germany.

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