Foils can offer barrier protection for drug and device packages or create a striking container for OTC displays.

Foils provide excellent barrier properties and are used for many packaging applications. Foils also have a secondary benefit: they can create a package that is as attractive as it is functional. Traditional silver and gold foils are pleasing to the eye; in addition, some suppliers provide foils with colors and patterns designed to attract the attention of consumers.


Wide-web heavy-gauge foil laminates are suitable for embossing. Foils in a range of thicknesses are laminated to a variety of base papers and boards. Available in widths to 61 in., the products are coated with a high-dyne acrylic lacquer to provide excellent printability with a wide range of print methods. In addition, thick-gauge foils offer embossability for high-level graphics. Silver and gold, as well as specific color matches, can be achieved. Hutchison Miller Sales Co., Doylestown, PA.

A variety of foil substrates, heat-seal coating options, and printing techniques maximize the convenience and compliance benefits of blister packaging. A selection of blister backing includes paper-foil laminates, unsupported push-through foils, cold-formable products, and child-resistant structures. Foils meet a variety of product storage, distribution, and sterilization requirements for all types of blister packages, from clinical trial to ethical and OTC pharmaceuticals. In-house formulated heat-seal coatings provide reliable performance for peelable openings or permanent seals for push-through blisters. These foil substrates are easily sealable to PVC, PVC/PVdC, PVC/Aclar, PET, PP, and Barex. Hueck Foils LLC, Wall, NJ.

Holographic foils are designed to be used for in-store advertising and as a packaging medium. Multidimensional holographic patterns enliven packaging designs, capturing the attention of the consumer. Packagers can print directly on the Holographic Unilustre without taking preliminary steps. The material accepts solvent, aqueous flexo, gravure, oil-based, ultraviolet, offset, and letterpress inks. Holographic Unilustre foils are available in hundreds of patterns and colors. Custom-designed patterns and creative support are available at no extra cost. Unifoil Corp., Passaic Park, NJ.

Flexible packaging materials, including foils, are designed to meet the diverse demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Packages can be tailored to meet required porosity levels, mechanical strength and barrier properties, seal integrity, and sterilization methods. TechniPeel and TechniVent pouches, which feature Tyvek for gas and radiation sterilization, and Technifoil pouches for barriers are available for quick deliveries. Technipaq Inc., Crystal Lake, IL.



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