Foils Flash for Drugs and Devices

Foil can protect and promote pharmaceuticals.

A variety of foil substrates, when coupled with heat-seal coatings and printing techniques, maximize the convenience and compliance benefits of blister packaging. A selection of foil blister backing includes paper-to-foil laminates, unsupported push-through foils, cold-formable structures, and child-resistant designs. In-house-formulated heat-seal coatings facilitate sealing to PVC, PVC/PVdC, PVC/Aclar, PET, PP, and Barex. Rotogravure-preprinted rollstock or in-line printable foils are available. Hueck Foils LLC, Wall, NJ.

A reference tool about hot-stamping foils contains thousands of swatches, including metallics, gloss and matte pigments, tints and pearlescents, special effects, and holographic and pixellated patterns. Foil Guide, Second Edition, identifies applications, offers tips on use, and provides guidance on compatible substrates. A special section is devoted to custom and stock holograms. Hot-stamping foils can be added to pharmaceutical paperboard packaging to accentuate brand names, to attract consumers, and to authenticate products. Crown Roll Leaf Inc., Paterson, NJ.

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