Foamer Freshens Up Denture Care

Rexam Airspray’s F2 foaming pump delivers “active” cleanser.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare is using novel dispensing technology to freshen up the denture-cleaning market. The firm’s new Polident Fresh Cleanse features a one-touch foaming pump, the F2 from Rexam Airspray, to produce cleansing foam instantly. GSK calls the new Polident Fresh Cleanse antibacterial foaming denture cleanser the first innovation in the growing oral healthcare category in more than 40 years.

Marketed as cleaning 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria, the cleanser’s “active foam easily penetrates into crevices to microclean away tough stains and plaque,” GSK claims on its Web site. “The active foam covers the denture quickly and rinses away easily, unlike toothpaste, which has a thicker consistency. Simply pump, brush, and rinse!” Polident Fresh Cleanse will be available at Wal-Mart and other stores across the country.

Rexam Airspray foamers have been used for a number of foaming soaps, including Dial Complete. The Dial Corp. uses an Airspray foamer for its “hospital-strength” foaming antibacterial hand wash, which is described as being “ten times more effective at killing disease-causing germs than ordinary hand soap.” Its Activ-Foam system delivers a “germ-killing, light fluffy foam,” the company says.

Only recently did Rexam Airspray tap the pharmaceutical market, with the introduction of O-fresh Toothfoam in the Pacific Rim consumer market. “Researched and developed in the United States, this product pioneered the use of instant-foam dispensing technology in oral hygiene and dental care,” Rexam Airspray claims.

A foaming pump was also used recently for a topical antiseptic product, Vicks hand sanitizer in Europe, and SteriLid.

At HBA Health & Beauty America in New York City in September, Rexam Airpsray debuted its new EZi Foamer, a no-drip, water-resistant dispenser that facilitates single-hand operation, and its newest Symplicity lotion pump, which dispenses 2 ml from a water-resistant 24/ 410 neck. The EZi can be used for washes and soaps, and its specialty dip tube uses every last drop in the bottle. The Symplicity, originally available in a 4-ml-dispensing version, can be used for body care and other lotion products. Rexam Airspray offers other dispensers, including a dual foamer that could be used for potent ingredients whose activation depends upon point-of-care mixing.


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