Flottman Expands Services With Marketing Program

Flottman Company, Inc. (www.flottmanco.com)—a supplier of printing since 1921 and secondary packaging to pharma customers since the mid 1960s—has recently developed a successful marketing solutions business.
The Crestview Hills, KY-based converter gained its first “cross-over” client with the Penn Herb Company. Flottman established a multi-media marketing campaign for the Philadelphia natural remedies purveyor building on an account for printed catalog inserts.
A campaign in the first quarter employed personalized direct mail, e-mail, social media, and store promotions to drive double-digit results in store traffic and branding impressions.
“This was our first partner to cross over from folding services to marketing solutions. We provided Penn Herb with a turn key campaign that delivered results,” says Tom Flottman, CEO.
“From a strategic planning perspective, adding these new competencies has been a strategy for about four years. We are communicating with people through print, direct mail, e-mail, Web sites, social media, mobile platforms, and news media to ultimately have a conversation with the customer. We can identify their wants and needs, track their preferred communication channels, and continuously improve the communications and messaging,” Flottman says.
The service—Flottman Brilliant Communications Marketing Strategy—handles campaign strategics, creative, and back-end programming and server support. Ed McMasters, director of marketing and communications, was hired to lead the development.
“We are doing our Brilliant Communications campaigns with six consumer product companies as we speak, and actively pitching this to our entire healthcare segment.
“This provides a totally different marketing dimension for our healthcare customers. We then take the results to help the client target their message going forward. Companies can plan their future based on these campaigns as customers tell them what they are using and what they would like to see,” McMasters adds.
In a four-week campaign for Penn Herb, the client supplied a contact list of 18,000 names gathered from years of purchases in its store and on their Web site.
The retailer’s goals were to increase their Web site ordering, collect customer e-mails and phone numbers, correct and update its current contact list, and find out more about the people walking into the brick and mortar store.
In the first and third weeks of March, 36,000 direct mail personalized post cards were sent in two drops. The cards invited recipients to visit a personalized Web site by scanning a QR code or typing in the personalized pURL, where they filled out a survey for a chance to win a $250 shopping spree. The hits to the client’s Web site were redirected to landing pages hosted at Flottman.
Personally addressed e-mails that reenforced the messaging achieved a 30% open rate.
Nonpersonalized URLs that can be shared led to the Penn Herb landing page where the survey and discount offer was available. These generic URLs were posted on Facebook, Twitter, in store signage, and purchase receipts, as a viral branding and lead generation tactic.
“The results were fantastic. Penn Herb saw an increase in March sales of over 13% and a 15% plus increase in consumer traffic over the previous year,” says Sue Flottman Steller, president.
The campaign delivered a 13% plus branded impression rate and produced nearly 1,000 completed surveys.
The generic URL placements generated 399 unique visitors, with 147 completed surveys. “These are new names to the contract list, translating to nearly five new names a day over the course of the campaign. We received a load of traffic each time we posted in Facebook,” McMasters says.
Penn Herb is planning a second campaign where they hope to ask more questions about lifestyles and product preferences, as well as expand on the mobile marketing side.
“Penn Herb had less than 10% of their customers’ cell phone numbers. In the next event, with added numbers, we will look to attack the mobile media outlet even more,” McMasters says.
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