Flexible and Efficient cartoners & wrappers

High-speed machines provide secondary packaging for a wide range of products.

IWK Cartopac SC 4

A company has developed a high-speed, multicomponent patient test kit packaging operation to replace an existing packaging line. An IWK cartoner and a variety of supplied specialty packaging equipment was integrated into a single turnkey project. The continuous-motion, PC-controlled cartoner was selected for its real-time-system orientation and flexible, accurate performance. Rotating suction arms and stationary opposing vacuum cups ensure easy handling in the positive-opening carton system by gently opening and squaring the cartons prior to receiving the assembled components. IWKA PacSystems, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575; www.iwkapacsystems.com.  

Linium 611 Wrapper

A horizontal wrapper is monitored and adjusted via the PanelView 600 touch screen control. The Linium 611�s Rockwell Automation ControlLogix system has preprogrammable setup for up to 20 products, providing a fast change to speed, package length, product positioning, and other parameters. The servo-driven wrapper can be easily integrated with the company�s range of feeding and product-handling equipment. The Delfi robotic packaging solution uses an advanced vision system to enable randomly oriented products to be arranged into any packaging pattern. The delta-type robots at the heart of the Delfi system place products into preformed cartons, trays, or blister packs at up to 520 pieces a minute with twin cells in-line. The machine can be changed for a completely new range of packs within five minutes. SIG Doboy Inc., New Richmond, WI; 715/246-6511; www.doboy.com

Bag-in-Box Cartoner

A bag-in-box cartoner uses a new method for inserting bags into cartons in single-, twin-, or triple-pack patterns. Bags are propelled�not pushed�into cartons, eliminating the mechanical drive train plus product tray, pusher arm, and confiner assemblies. The new technique also eliminates jams caused by bags that bunch up or burst during pushed insertions. The simplification gives FlexCell a footprint of 5 � 10 ft, which is less than half that of a conventional machine. The cartoner includes servo drives, Allen-Bradley ControlLogix processor, and Ethernet and DeviceNet communications. It absorbs the output of one single-tube continuous-motion bagger and has speeds in excess of 100 cartons per minute. Triangle Package Machinery Co., Chicago; 800/621-4170; www.trianglepackage.com

C2206 Cartoner

A cartoner is available for bottles, tubes, and other cartons with a 6-in. pitch. It is capable of producing up to 200 cartons per minute. Safety and product control features include InstaTec, DialJust, and DataJust. These systems work in conjunction to guarantee instantly reproducible machine settings and instant startup following a tool changeover. Twinstar, the patented carton feeder at the hub of the cartoner, is a dual rotary carton pick-up and erection system with individual mechanical prebreaking for positive carton feeding and a constant-motion carton chain. The company also offers a TopLoader as an alternative packaging solution to sequentially place a wide range of different components in one pack. The TopLoader handles cartons from 70 � 50 � 15 mm to 250 � 210 � 150 mm in size. It is complementary to the horizontal cartoner and fits into the established range of company machines in terms of design and ergonomics. Uhlmann Packaging Systems, Towaco, NJ; 973/402-8855; www.uhlmannpackaging.com
KP 600

Originating from the company�s previous generation of cartoning machines, a new system is equipped with all of the latest technology. The KP 600 improves the effective production rate from 45 to 60 units per minute. Its new features include a more sturdy structure, reinforced mechanical elements, and improved sealing stations with two independent mechanical actions. The machine is equipped with an additional station allowing the separation of the case sealing from the introduction station and making rotative coding possible. It provides autonomous operations thanks to its vacuum pump and its well-dimensioned carton and leaflet magazine. Kalix, Branchburg, NJ; 908/707-8008; www.kalix.fr

Orbital Wrappers

A line of three automatic and semi-automatic orbital wrapping machines feature dual-roll designs. The machines simultaneously apply two rolls of film to double wrapping rates and cut the frequency of film reload in half compared with single-roll designs. It also provides a counterbalance that secures the product during wrapping and promotes smooth, quiet operation. The machine is suitable for products requiring bundling, palletizing, or unitizing for transport. To ensure products are fed smoothly and centered for wrapping, the machines are equipped with both vertical and horizontal gravity rollers that can be adjusted on the fly for easy product changeover. Ciratec Corp., Phillipsburg, NJ; 908/995-7002; www.ciratec.com

Sidewinder Rotary Tower

A semiautomatic stretch-wrapping machine allows the load to be stationary while the overhead wrapping sequence occurs. The drive system eliminates maintenance items such as chains, sprockets, or belts. The redesigned system is cost-effective, has a smaller footprint, and a new film delivery system. It is suitable for unstable loads and features Allen-Bradley electronic components. Infrapak, Schiller Park, IL; 847/678-0233; www.thearpacgroup.com

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