Filling Competitive Requests

Are there minimums for contract tube filler (and more) American Blending & Filling? Not really, but the growing company echoes tube makers by reporting that smaller runs are definitely more expensive.

American Blending & Filling is part of The Visual Pak Companies (Waukegan, IL), a group of firms that provides services such as liquid blending and filling, contract manufacturing and packaging, thermoforming, providing printed chipboard and paperboard cartons, packaging and labeling, assembly, shrink packaging (steam or heat), nationwide distribution, warehousing fulfillment, and logistics services. Over the years, American Blending & Filling started getting more and more requests for tubes, and the firm installed Norden fillers for running plastic tubes.

Using Norden tube fillers, American Blending & Filling can run tubes ranging from 0.25 to 9.75 oz.

“There’s no need for our customers to ship water over water, so we are extremely competitive in cost,” explains Dan Brosseau, vice president sales and marketing, when speaking of domestic filling support. “It really is about managing total cost and achieving savings through partnering.”

High-speed production machinery allows American Blending & Filling to accommodate cold or warm fills from 0.25 oz to 9.75 oz in tubes as large as 2 in. diameter. It offers offers traditional hot air, hot jaw, and Design-A-Seal sealing for custom curved and branded tube ends using all plastic and plastic-laminate types. “In addition, we offer multiple closure types to fit the specific product needs,” Brosseau reports.

Low minimums may not be the surest route to remaining competitive. “Consumer packaged goods are really banking on branding today,” he says. “Private-label store brands have always existed, but not like today. Competing means achieving speed to market with innovations.”

Using Norden’s filling equipment has enabled American Blending & Filling to offer such differentiation. The systems’ Design-A-Seal option allows customers to provide artwork for dictating a specially designed seal area.

“Everyone wants their tubes to look a little different, and Design-A-Seal allows us to get creative. We provide options for tubes and let product manufacturers decide.”

American Blending & Filling doubled its filling capacity in the last year by adding additional filling lines. “We believe we have tooling and expertise to support brands,” says Brosseau. “We use multiple models from Norden and have found them to be extremely flexible. The company has worked with us to engineer solutions for our customers.”

In addition, “we are competitive in cost and offer speed to market through the elimination of middlemen in the supply chain because of our vertical integration,” he adds.

Brosseau adds that while American Blending & Filling serves both brand-name product marketers as well as private-label customers, the company itself doesn’t sell its own finished goods directly to retailers. “So we never compete with our customers,” he adds.

American Blending & Filling can also produce gels, liquids, lotions, and creams for the cosmetic, personal care, and household product markets.

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