Fail-Safe package testers

Units test packages for leaks and defects.



A headspace-gas analyzer tests packages including those with very low headspace. It provides reliable, reproducible, fail-safe testing and documentation of vials, vacuum packages, shelf-stable adhesives, transdermal patches, and implantable devices to eliminate operator fault caused by misreadings typically resulting from humidity, ambient air pressure, or temperature. Once-a-year calibration intervals and a complete self-diagnostic program make the system operator-friendly. Diverse package sizes and shapes are not limiting factors. Designed for flexibility and cost-efficiency, the CheckMate system easily accommodates a wide variety of package formats by requiring a test-sample volume of only 1-2 ml. Self-diagnostics and an internal data logger can store up to 10 different setup programs and ensure CGMP quality control traceability. Up to 2400 test results can be logged, sorted, and printed to analyze oxygen content in packages produced on different machine lines or on packages containing different types of products. PBI Dansensor America Inc., Glen Rock, NJ; 201/ 251-6490;

Testing Services

An independent laboratory is devoted to the testing of packaging materials and shipping containers for both converters and users of these materials. Services include hazardous-materials tests, paper and corrugated analysis, atmospheric conditioning, and preshipment testing. Hazardous-materials tests determine compliance with regulations and include tests for radioactive materials, infectious substances, and regulated medical wastes. Paper and corrugated analysis is used to determine physical characteristics of paper and combined board components. The company uses traceable testing procedures such as TAPPI and ASTM. Atmospheric conditioning determines the effects of temperature and humidity on packaging or product. The company can test at standard (73°F, 50% RH), hot (up to 170°F), tropic (up to 105°F, 98% RH), and cold (0°F). Preshipment testing provides a means for a manufacturer to significantly improve the assurance of the safe arrival of packaged products at their destination. Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory Inc., Belleville, IL; 618/277-1160;

Testing System

A package-testing system performs a complete range of leak and seal-strength testing from a single setup. The 2800-series tester integrates mass-flow, pressure-decay, burst, creep, and creep-to-burst tests into a single system to detect channel or pinhole defects or demonstrate conformance to specific testing standards. The system communicates with a standard PC via a Windows-based user interface to simplify setup, testing, and data recording. The user interface software is menu-driven and prompts the operator through setup and testing. A data capture utility is included to monitor, display, and record test results. Test-A-Pack Systems, Orchard Park, NY; 888/827-7225;

Leak Testers

A company offers a catalog of leak detectors, leak testers, and leak detection systems. The line includes pressure decay, differential pressure, trace gas, mass spectrometry, mass-flow meters, and force-decay testers as well as special units for the detection of sulfur hexafluoride and other gases. In addition to leak testers, the company offers a range of leak detection accessories such as calibrated leaks or leak masters, autocouples and quick connectors, and fixtures for clamping and sealing components. Uson LP, Houston, TX; 713/460-1700;    

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