Exacting Orienters

Turn to an orienter to help automate your packaging line.

You've chosen your filling, weighing, sealing, and labeling systems, so you should be ready to package those tablets into blisters or bottles, right? Yes, providing one of those units actually orients your products and packages to the appropriate station. If not, your system may not be as automated as you think. But, thanks to a wide assortment of feeders, conveyors, and other product-handling equipment, moving your product from one station to the other isn't so complicated.

A puck-handling and placement system features rotating pockets that can accommodate a range of shapes and sizes of plastic, glass, or aerosol containers. The system provides container unscrambling, air rinsing, bottom coding, and container insertion, all in one frame. Omega Design Corp., Exton, PA.

An assembly system for two-piece caps sorts, feeds, and assembles the plastic push-pull caps. Other functions include puck loading, feeding, sorting, and assembling a variety of parts. The system incorporates continuous motion, rotary star-wheel assembly, batch counting, conveying, and loading. Farason Corp., Coatesville, PA.

A complete robotic inspection and case-packing system can pick, present, inspect, and case pack products. High-speed, reliable robotics verify date or lot codes, bar codes, invisible codes, and data matrix for each product. GSMA-Parish, Palm Bay, FL.

A company designs equipment for container handling, including unscrambling, capping, lidding, inspecting, scoop feeding, and conveying. One of the company's newest designs, a low-profile unscrambling line, features orienting bowls placed at floor level instead of above the machine, making maintenance and changeover easy. New England Machinery Inc., Bradenton, FL.

Cap-feed elevators maintain a steady feed of caps without spills. Model 84 units include polished stainless-steel inclined elevator beds and chutes, compact 9-cu-ft bins, and photoelectric sensors complete with power supply. Cap-L Company, Inc., Ramsey, NJ.

A conveyor system has been designed to transport bulky or soft products that require the support of a wide chain. The XB conveyor can be used to move ready-packed products between case packers, cartoners, in-case fillers, shrink or stretch wrappers, or bulk packers. FlexLink Systems Inc., Bethlehem, PA.

A product-feeding option is designed to provide a safe, fast, and efficient system to package products for consumer use. The Touch Frame is a programmable logic-controlled drive unit for the firm's feeders that provides three planes of motion control for high-precision placement of product into the blister web. Aylward Enterprises, New Bern, NC.

A precision, low-volume dosing system is designed to package pharmaceutical products into noncylindrical unit-dose tubes. The tubes are fed from a floor-mounted hopper into a centrifugal or vibratory orienting bowl and checked to eliminate any piggy-backing or nesting. They are then oriented for one-at-a-time discharge onto counterrotating rollers that place them into cup holders. IWK Packaging Machinery Inc., Fairfield, NJ.

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