Establish Package Integrity with Testers

Testers have moved toward nondestructive, self-teaching units that reduce costs and labor.


A leak tester is a self-adjusting leak detection system for plastic bottles. The dual-station P-125/2 is an in-line leak tester that offers 100% inspection at speeds of 70 bottles per minute. The P-125 detects holes as small as 0.008 in. diam to produce high-quality, leak-free containers without production waste. A self-teaching feature offers automatic setup and the ability to set reject and testing criteria. The tester automatically reads the best value from the first test bottle, sets a rough reject value, and continues to fine-tune the reject value with the next 50 good bottles. Packaging Technologies & Inspection,Tuckahoe, NY.

The integrity of medical packages can be demonstrated with a nondestructive package test method. The method finds leaks in medical packages manufactured from nonporous films, foils, or laminate materials. The pressure-decay test method uses a custom test chamber and the MDT-500C leak tester. Using this method, holes as small as 10 µm can be detected from pinholes, punctures, or seal channel leaks. The MDT-500C leak tester provides simple-to-use, menu-driven controls for easy setup and key-lock security to prevent operational changes. A graphic plot of pressure versus time is shown on the LCD along with other data including SQC/SPC control charts, histogram, and statistics for mean, standard deviation, and range. T.M. Electronics Inc., Worcester, MA.

A nondestructive leak tester examines blisters and small flexible packages. The Model 730 Qualipak features a computer-driven system with a comprehensive touch screen that mimics the pack being tested and highlights any leaking pockets. The Qualipak 730 is capable of testing blister packages in less than 20 seconds. Up to 32 adjustable sensor positions are available to test complex packages. Holes or channels of less than 10 µm diam can be detected. ITI Qualitek, Billerica, MA.

Gas analyzers, gas mixers, and leak detectors are available from a company specializing in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and gas flushing. According to the company, MAP is a critical process in extending the shelf lives of products. The firm provides equipment to ensure that the gas content in a process is correct and repeatable and that the packages have been sealed properly. PBI Dansensor America, Glen Rock, NJ.

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